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Lost account access

Kelly1337Kelly1337 Posts: 1 Newbie

Hello, I really want to sign in to my old account but I don’t remember my password and I don’t have access to the old email. I really want this account back cause I have so much badges and hard work to it. How do I gain access to it?


  • Nikolaos_ProdromidisNikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 3,327 Jelly Moderator
    edited December 2021

    Hi @Kelly1337 and welcome to our Community!

    It is really not good trying sign in to an account with no success!

    You can read here to look if there is a solution for your case!

    Check also our Help Center for help on other issues and game questions.

    If after these you still need help, please Ask a question here:

    Remember to add as many details as possible, for example, if you had access to your old account from p.c. or from mobile, if you had access with facebook or without facebook etc.

    Very important is that you have not access to your old email adress! This make things more difficult!

    I suppose you have a long time away from your old account!

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  • Lady_SarinaLady_Sarina Posts: 4,908 Jelly Moderator
    edited December 2021

    Hi @Kelly1337

    Welcome to Jelly Community :0)

    Try this link for a new password and follow the easy steps to get you back playing👍

    Please let me know how you go 😀

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