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Update on Royal Championship's Future



  • twinflamer
    twinflamer Posts: 26 Level 2
    edited February 9
  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator

    Hi everybody!

    I understand that all of us are upset, frustrated and angry, because we lost our beloved game!

    The fact that I am a mod does not make any difference in this, because first of all I am a R.C. player, as all of you!

    About the R.C. discontinuing and the reason for this, the only info I have is the same as you, the official announcement and the explanation for technical problems.

    @Kalliope, I already answered you that your post is not deleted, but removed to the right thread, together with many other posts by other members! Following the link you go to page 38 and you can find it!

    The last weeks, a lot of new threads were opening every day by members, under the title Royal Championship, R.C. or Royal Champion, referring to the same subject, that members were sorry about R.C.s removing! All of these threads were consisted from 1 or 2 posts!

    You know that when a thread about some topic already exists, it is better to post there instead of opening a new thread. This way all opinions about this topic are together and it is easier for someone to find the discussion!

    About the opinion that R.C. is closed for all the old players to be opened for new players, I can tell you that it is not correct! R.C. is closed for everyone, unfortunately!

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator

    Hi Marvin!

    It really was a game of skills, back, at the far beginning!

    After changes and changes it became a game of pure luck and this way we started to speak about "bots", "the algorithm", "the jackpot theory" and more!

    In my opinion, the "wrong turn" was on September 2020, when the Studio wanted our feedback about boosters etc. After the changes there, cagers started to appear more frequently! If you have a different opinion, you are welcome to discuss about!

  • holliedolly2002
    holliedolly2002 Posts: 120 Level 2

    Hi @Nikolaos_Prodromidis how are you! Are you missing playing? My opinion of you as a Mod is that you are very good at it. You have always been helpful to both myself and @NatalieG. I have had a little moan (not about you) as I really could not see the problem with community members offering up an alternative game and I thought the fact that they even named their team after RC was a lovely gesture and a great way of actually keeping the community together. However, I was told off as it was deemed I was actively promoting a rival game. I did take offence to this as I have not promoted a rival game I just liked the idea offered up. It was me who started the theory about RC being available to new players only and my reasoning behind this is:- In the App store the download for Jelly is still showing RC as a feature which I thought was strange especially since we have all known since the back end of last year it was going to end. This then led me back to last year when RC disappeared for almost a week I think it was even longer for me. I was an avid player at that time and contacted the studio and they emailed me to say that they were moving some players into test groups which would mean they could not access RC to allow new players access. Therefore I wondered if you were a completely new player on a device which the system would not recognise would RC still pop up. The answer I now know is no but it was something I wondered about.

    As you know I stopped playing regularly a while ago but I do actually miss having the option to dip in and out especially when my favourite arena was running. They say nothing is permanent in the Kingdom so perhaps the removal of RC wont be permanent either.

    I might get into trouble for this next part and if you have to tell me off I will take it! I have tried the game they are all talking about (I wont say the name) and its okay, its not as sophisticated as RC but neither is it as competitive.

    Hope you and Nadia are both well.

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator

    Hi @holliedolly2002, nice to see you here!

    Of course I miss playing, because I did not loose any single event since February 2020! (I was playing occasionally before this)

    I think that everybody miss playing!! As days pass by I start to realize how it is without Royal Championship! There are not more cagers, "bots", ghosts, funny opponents, the "farmer", the "mad dog", "Peter Pan" and more! 😁😁😎🤖👻

    It is very difficult to be an alternative to R.C.! The only I hope is that some day R.C. may return back, maybe a little bit or more changed, who knows! But if this is going to happen, it 'll not be soon...

    As for now, the only that someone can do is leave feedback here!

  • twinflamer
    twinflamer Posts: 26 Level 2

    The whole thing is very suspicious ,very disappointing and a huge letdown to us loyal players MM is the way to go the players are much nicer and deffo a friendlier environment overall

  • CBAB
    CBAB Posts: 63 Pro Player 👑

    What is suspicious about it? We’ve known since last year it would end January 2023. I don’t understand all the conspiracy theories. They used their cash cow, closed shop and left with all the money we were dumb enough to spend. No mystery here.

  • Heidstar
    Heidstar Posts: 58 Level 2

    I am, I joined another team before the RC team was created but managed to figure out how to change teams, hopefully the team grows, for those saying it’s not as challenging or competitive, as with all games, the beginning can seem easy, wait until you start ranking up, the challenge is definitely there, also so many different ways to play and tournaments, your will soon be addicted lol

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