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  • amingy
    amingy Posts: 103 Level 3

    Hi! Here are my answers. (I think I did it) 🙃

    1. Quick Links. Support. Discussions

    2. Episode News and Releases.

    3. Eliodeb.

    4. Liquorice Larry.

    5. World 12. Episode 34. 

    6. Share Your Mastery Level. Badges.

    7. Sound Effects. Candy Smell.

    8. Jelly.

    9. Arenas Tips, Hints, Ideas, Screenshots, ...More. 

  • BPass12
    BPass12 Posts: 245 Level 3

    Which Green Box Discussion will you find the link for "Detailed Support Issues"?

    Quick Links-Find what you're looking for-Support,Badges,Discussions etc

    In which Discussion will you find the news of the Latest Episodes?

    Episode News and Releases.

    Who is being Interviewed in The Jelly Community this Month?

    This month Eliodeb, developer of Jelly, will be interviewed

     Which Jelly Character received a Make Over?

    Liquorice Larry

    In which Word and Episode did Cupcake Carl attempt his first try at love?

    World 12 - Episode 34 (Levels 661 -680)

    Which thread can you receive a badge for posting a screenshot of your Mastery Rank Number?

    Time to brag: Share your Mastery Rank level here- badges to earn!

     What was special about the Bouncy Castle in the Jelly Launch Video?

    When people jump there were sound effects, bouncy castle with light, pads with the game's candies, booster and it emitted clouds with raspberry jelly color.

    In the Meet the Designers Video (Original Jellies) What do they say was the main inspiration for Jelly Saga?

    It begins with Jenny, a girl and her uncle, Mr. Yeti. He was kidnapped by Jelly Queen, his plan is to spread his jelly everywhere and Jenny wanted to save him.

    In which Discussion will you find Hints and Screenshots of the Royal Championship Arenas?

    Arenas: tips, hints, ideas, screenshots and more!

  • Xxander
    Xxander Posts: 5,902 Level 5

    I keep seeing now "contests"... 🤔

    1️⃣ Quick links - find what you're looking for

    2️⃣ Episode News and Releases

    3️⃣ Eliodeb

    4️⃣ Liquorice Larry 

    5️⃣ World 12 Episode 34 

    6️⃣ Time to brag - Share your mastery rank level here - badges to earn

    7️⃣ First multi-sensory bouncy castle

    8️⃣ Jelly

    9️⃣ Arenas, tips, hints, ideas, screenshots and more

  • Tamara73
    Tamara73 Posts: 705 Level 4

    My awnsers (with some help)

    1. Quick Links, find what you're looking for

    2. Episode News and Releases

    3. Eliodeb

    4. Liquorice Larry 

    5. World 12 Episode 34 

    6. Share your mystery rank level here, badges to earn. 

    7. The sound effects and the candies smelled like candy 

    8. Jelly

    9. Arenas, tips, hints, ideas, screenshots and more.

  • SteelWolf
    SteelWolf Posts: 55 Level 2

    Where is this "Quick Links"?

    Might I still be allocated the badge for this if I can locate these threads?

    Nice badge with an attractive and happy Jelly Queen🙊


  • SteelWolf
    SteelWolf Posts: 55 Level 2

    Not to worry. I found it in the Jelly Support - Reading before posting thread. Should have read before posting😅 Nice thread, very creative.

    Another good interview. Looks like I missed out on some badges.

    Quick Links

    Episodes & New Releases


    Liquorice Larry

    World 12 Episode 34

    Time to Brag

    First multi-sensory bouncy castle


    Arenas, Hints, Tips, Screenshots & more

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,690 Level 5

    Everything is O.K. @SteelWolf! 🙂

  • moe75
    moe75 Posts: 5,672 Level 5

    Quick Links

    Episode News and Releases

    Licorice Larry

    World 12 Episode 34

    Time to brag

    First Multi-sensory bouncy castle

    Real jelly

    Arenas, hints, tips, screenshots & more

  • CoonMa
    CoonMa Posts: 717 Level 3

    Hi how is everyone? Here are my answers




    4. Liquorice Larry

    5. World 12 - Episode 34 (Levels 661 -680)


    7. sound effects and candies

    8. Jelly


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