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😄 let's laugh together 🤣

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Hello Jellies 👋

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In this discussion I'm thinking we all need to put a smile on someone's face. So let's share a funny story of

What funny thing happened to you while playing jelly?

I'll start! I was playing one of the boss levels and the jelly queen was really getting under my skin. I was actually yelling at jelly queen to stop making moves and blocking me I was actually slapping and pawing my phone like crazy trying to beat the queen. I looked up and my husband and daughter was laughing so hard at me. They said I looked like a mad woman playing that game. All I could do was laugh and say I was the darn jelly queen was whooping my butt 😂

This was me 🤣

Now it's your turn to share what funny thing happened to you while playing jelly 😄

Have fun and enjoy 🤗

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