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  • @Palash_Sarma Same goes for you! Thanks for participating, even though I should have prepared that quiz better! haha 😅
  • Hello everyone! Unfortunately, I won't have time for one last challenge! But we still have the awards! You can still vote if you haven't! I will be creating an especial badge just for the participants
  • @CBAB Regardless of your opinion, I highly recommend you follow the forum guidelines and treat everyone here respectfully. Anyone can be disappointed and frustrated, but there are nicer ways to communicate. You might not like answers, but nobody here likes random disrespectful comments.
  • Once again, thank you all for the sweet messages. My last day will be on the 23rd, and I hope to throw a farewell competition to all of you. I don't think I can make it as a team again, so I wonder if you'd like it as individuals. Unless you would like to make your teams and I give out the challenges?
  • Thank you for all the kind words. All the best to every single one of you. I'm thinking of one last competition, even if something small, but I would like to do it as a gift for all the love I've received here. 🤗
  • @hudus I will probably be busy with work; I don't know yet. Maybe I will leave my account and check on all of you from time to time. But I can't guarantee it
  • Hello everyone, I'm still thinking of how to say this and when to say it, but since we've developed a healthy and enjoyable bond here in the past few months, I just wanted to let you know that my last day as CM will be coming soon. I don't know if I will "officially" make a thread about it or talk about it. I'm still…
  • @lelensp Once again, thank you for your kind words and congratulations! 🤗 @Diamond_Lim
  • For November... our Member of the Month is... Join the celebration HERE
  • Amazing thread! @wykoon @Diamond_Lim
  • @Lady_Choo yeah, and I have a feeling Alice's season 2 will be more... "bloody" so, maybe your husband should watch it first 🤣
  • Hello @Ozzyoz, congratulations on your achievement To claim your badge, please post your screenshot here. 🤗
  • @CassD yeah... that kind of plot isn't my cup of tea. Not related, but I found the Bridgerton series quite boring.
  • @Lady_Choo as a European, I've grown up with monarchy and medieval history, which I love. But lately, most shows are overdone and focused on the same topics... I'm incredibly picky. haha Does your child watch Alice?? It's not too violent, but it's a bit impactful. I've watched a few episodes of Vampire Academy, but the…
  • @Lady_Choo aww! That's adorable tho! There are worse "idols" to follow, haha. Maybe because I like horror, I saw no harm in that scene; it wasn't that graphic either. It's a bit... people get sensitive over little things but disregard dangerous and essential topics in the world. I didn't watch Game of Thrones, and I'm not…
  • @LoveDachs , if you know a bit of Japanese horror, then you can understand the "darkness" in Alice. I honestly prefer Alice to Squid Games. More intense, emotionally disturbing, and not for everyone. That's for sure. But in a way, there's a lovely romance in there, not the most important, though. Hahaha! I get it, the…
  • @rebelchild I won't spoil it for you, haha, but it's indeed great. I had high expectations, not only for Tim Burton but also for Jenna. Even though I wasn't a fan of Scream (I blame the movie itself), I liked her acting in Fallout. Wednesday's character development it's unexpectedly good. I hope Ricci appears in the second…
  • @LoveDachs , then you will love Wednesday! I'm already waiting on the 2nd season. But there's another series that I'm looking forward to in December, which is a bit more "dark." I don't know if you've heard about Alice in Borderland; it's Japanese. Oh, for me, it's usually working on laptop. What's your browser? Google or…

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