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Spaghetti Level 2


  • The option to exit Candy Royale has disappeared for a while now. Users are forced to play every single time the pop-up appears. It’s very frustrating. Why was the option to say “not now” removed?
  • The option to decline Candy Royale has disappeared. The top x is gone, as well as the “not now” option. I’m playing on an iphone. I see that an old thread was opened and a moderator replied in April… but it’s now June and this problem persists. Are there any updates? It is extremely annoying and pops up dozens of times…
  • I was supposed to get my 2hrs yesterday, and still today have not received it. I’ve updated the app, shut down my phone, restarted it and yet still today did not receive the 2hrs unlimited. What’s going on?
  • I’m not sure why the studio is asking for this feedback when we all know that NO CHANGES will come of it. We’ve been complaining for a year that the cages fill up way too fast and the striped lollipop basically NEVER activates and yet things are still the same after all the complaints. I stopped playing for a long time…
  • Not me. I’m getting 3 different boards in rotation
  • @jjac272903 Yup I can see your comments 👍 Thats so weird about you also playing someone back-to-back. It’s honestly never happened before. Anyone else had this happen to them today? Was it also the weirdo crying onion? 🤔
  • OK... so something really weird just happened in my last 2 games. I played the exact same “player” twice in a row. That has NEVER, EVER happened before. The crying onion avatar and the name was Agne (so it stood out). I’m convinced it was a bot 🤖 Both times this “player” was making extremely quick moves (there was…
  • I am also getting just the cotton candy board and cupcake board over and over and over again... then once in a while one of the original board pops up. Definitely not doing unlimited during this RC 😴 But I did notice I have been able to get winning streaks of 4 to 6 games for the first time in months... seems to be a…
  • It’s such a normal practice for these games to use Bots... I’m not sure why the studio denies using them. 🤷‍♀️ It’s not illegal. A ton of gaming companies use them. I regularly play QuizUp who openly admits that users play against Bots when a “human” opponent can not be found.
  • @LadyRaffie Are you able to tell us what happened to all of the users in the RC with no King profiles (who were assigned as “Player”, “Spieler”, “Jouer”, etc)? They have completely disappeared from the games. Were those users forced to sign up for King profiles and therefore had to add a name? We are all wondering how they…
  • Just played my first 2 games of the day. Blown to bits both times by a plethora of special candies for my opponent. Both within the first 4 moves. This is just a joke now.. not remotely interested in playing now The other match. Blown away immediately. Gee.... I never have this luck! 🤔 🤷‍♀️
  • I am just really curious as to how all of the “Player” and “Spieler” and “Miembro” etc just vanished all of a sudden. It’s really bizarre. They were about 50% of my opponents since RC started... and the last round they were ALL gone. Not sure if they will be back today.
  • @jjac272903 😂 she must be playing literally 18hrs straight per day.... with no breaks! And has spent 98 gold bars for 48hrs of unlimited..... to win a whopping 15 bars now 😂
  • Ummm has anyone else noticed the lack of “Players”, “Spielers”, etc. during this tournament!? I just noticed that I have only played users with “real” names and I checked my board and not a single user out of all 30 has the generic “player” name 🤔. Is this the same for everyone else??
  • I’ve only had the awful cotton candy board 5 straight times this morning 😑👎👎
  • @jjac272903 YUP! Literally every single time I want to access the RC I get the “no internet connection” message and then I have to play a round of regular,.. then I can get into RC after that. So basically whenever I minimize the app I have this problem. It’s beyond annoying!
  • Omg! That’s a crazy high score. I’ve also seen opponents jump ahead 50 points within minutes on my board but am never sure if it’s a delay in the scores being posted, or if something weird is going on. Top score on my board right now is 162... what a difference!! 😯
  • Opponents boards keep appearing with an overwhelming majority of one colour candy over all others. This causes them to make a ton of special candies and colour bombs 10x faster than normal. How is a user supposed to compete against boards which start off this way? I’m asking the studio to look in to how the programming…
  • This kind of thing really really irritates me... you get caged before you’ve even spread ONE JELLY! 😤😤😤 This player cages me before I even spread a single jelly. IMO this kind of playing is just rotten! **End Rant** 😇

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