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yuny Level 2


  • Thanks for your answer. I do understand, if you explain me that way. What I do not understand is the rude response you gave me before. I am not stupid and certainly not a child. And don’t worry, this is the last time I will ever post anything. So you and your rudeness can have a good day. .
  • 🤔🤔..... ok they are working on it. But I am asking why this is not an idea. I am been polite, so please if you are going to answer me, do it the same way.
  • Ohh and one more thing I realize while playing. New board should not be in today’s RC. Is funny but hard, and also new. It should be in a more smooth board selection. Is located in between the worsts boards on history of boards people.... Not having fun this time. Struggling even to get the blue badge. 😖😖😖
  • Ok so please explain me. Is not an idea because it don’t belong to this post? Or because it doesn’t make any sense? Or because maybe you are already working on that? I am a new bee so I am kinda lost here. Thank you for your response
  • Wonder what you do with our comments and feedback. I see the same issues that annoy the players. Same ridiculous rewards, same predictable boards, same laughing emoji that (Edit by CM: Rude) use so un respectfully. Is a shame for this is a really good game. Please do something about it. I don’t care spending money on a…
  • i play thx royal championship every day. I love it. But I must say I am not enjoying this one. I never do. The sets are so unfair and it’s not challenging but frustrating. The one before is my favorite. Please make it more fair or remove it. Sometimes you can see who is going to win since the first move.
  • Totally agree. Besides it looks like gold bars have to be expended in order to keep your streak ( all you need is to be on streak for your opponent magically starts to win ) so is completely fair to reduce it. The prices for winning 1rst place is 15 bars, so how can I spend 100 only to keep progress??
  • that is so true. And been the game so unfair it makes the laughing emoji annoying and not cool. I agree 100%

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