The episode that I finished a couple of days ago isn't registering as being complete anymore.

I completed the episode that includes level 666 two or three days ago. I specifically remember level 666; it's a good level and I texted my husband about it back on April 8 when I was required to do it the first time.

I completed 3 mystery quests over the last 2-3 days to move to the next episode, but somehow I'm back at level 666. I completed it again this morning and am now on 667 again, which I also distinctly remember having previously done.

How can I recover credit for having previously completed episodes 667 to 680?

I completed the mystery quests on my iPhone, but use both my iPhone and Facebook to play (mostly my iPhone).


  • aCeaCe Posts: 1,442 Level 3

    Have you checked to see whether Facebook has saved your progress. Check on your PC/laptop if you can. If you see that it has, then its probable that your mobile game has lost its connection to Facebook. Check in the app settings to see if you are connected. 

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