Beanstalk won't work on my phone. I have cleared the cache. What next?


  • Anna_FoleyAnna_Foley Posts: 2
    Hasn't hasn't worked on my iPad for a few days. It invites me to play but will not load. 
  • ElsaElsa Posts: 11,112 Superstar
    Hi @TinaMarie123 and @Anna_Foley, you are the first two players complaining about this.  I can give you a suggestion but can't guarantee that it will work.  In the past when players were reporting that they had to wait like say 4000 hrs. before they could collect whatever, it was suggested to divide that total hours by 24 hrs. to get the number of days.  Then go to your date/time on your mobile device and move it ahead that many days.  Close out the settings and go back into the game and it had corrected itself.  Then the players were told to go back into their settings and bring the date back to current.

    Since you have the opposite of no hours available, see if you can go into your settings and move it back to yesterday's date or the day before.  Then open the game to see if it changes and then go back into your settings to change it back to current.  It's just a suggestion and I'm not sure if it will work.
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