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TRICIA4955TRICIA4955 Posts: 191 ✭✭✭
Elsa, certainly looks like it's going to be a messed up week with candy crush saga.  I have found another reason I do not like this buddy challenge.  If you switch buddies you get new levels.  I don't want new levels everyday.  Today I just wanted to play sugar drop and collect my christmas stockings (or magic dash or robodash whatever they call it that comes out every monday to help you play the new levels that used to be released on Wednesday.  I'm tired of all the changes and inconsistencies with this game.  Let me know when everything is right and I might be back.  


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 18,710 Superstar
    Hello @TRICIA4955, not only does it change your levels but it also starts you back at the beginning again when you switch buddies!  I found that out the hard way.  I thought that it chose the highest level that you were at?  So it chooses your levels to play?  Today was a messed up day with everything.  The challenges aren't showing on mobile devices.  Didi only showed up on Windows 10 and now this Dynamic Duo is a mess too!  Well let's just have some nice chats here in the community.  You can always start a message for me in general discussions or I can start one and you can respond.
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  • BernadineBernadine Posts: 47 ✭✭
     Dynamic Duo is a pit, messes up everything. I was hoping for Didi to show up on my mobile on Monday, but nothing happen.  I just hope it doesn’t messes up the Space Dash contest which it should come out tomorrow .
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