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Are you getting the error message "not enough order targets available"?

ElsaElsa Posts: 21,665 Superstar
edited January 28 in Support

Have you come across either one of these messages while playing a Candy Crush Saga level?  It will appear most often on chocolate levels where the goal is to collect a certain number of chocolates.  We already know that the chocolate will continue to grow if we don't make matches adjacent to it.  Previously, we have all tried our best to clear out the chocolate first, no matter what the order target requirements were.  In the last couple of months I have noticed a few new messages posted here in the community with these print screens. 

Here is an example of why you might be seeing this message.  Level 2521 requires you to collect 15 Chocolates and 25 Multi-layered Meringues.  The level starts with 10 chocolates on the board. If you remove them too quickly you will never collect the order target of 15 because you are not giving the chocolate a chance to grow.  Once you have cleared those 10 chocolates you will get that pop up message because there is no way to create more chocolate.  This level also requires you to collect 25 meringues but there is a warning message before the level opens telling you not to get rid of the magic mixer because it creates the meringue.  So this level gives you 2 reasons why you might get this pop up message.

Another example is level 4079 where the orders are to collect 48 jelly and 24 chocolate.  On the board there are both light and dark chocolate.  Our instincts are to keep destroying the chocolate; however, on this level only the light chocolate counts.  You might not know this unless you have done a Google search for this level or read some tips that only the light chocolate counts.  That is why it's very important to come here to the community and do a search for your level to see what others found out about this.

This message seems to come up more often with the chocolate levels, but it has appeared with non-chocolate levels too.  So if you see this error message, please do a search here in the community for your level to see how others cleared it.

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