black screen covering boards-unable to play

Flynena3Flynena3 Posts: 1
Help!  For the past week, when I go to play CC via Facebook on my desktop computer, it opens fine, but there is a black box covering the whole board, so I am unable to click anything to be able to play.  Tried 4x over the past week & still happening.  Any idea why & how to fix? Or is this a known technical issue/glitch that the game creators need to fix?  (if so, how so I let the right people/place know about tit to get it fixed?) Thx!


  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 194 ✭✭✭

    @Flynena3 ;  Thanks very much for speaking up. I reported this issue when the first iteration of it appeared earlier this month. Interesting to note you get the error on Facebook too. (I and another player experience it on the Win10 app)

    Keep an eye on that thread here:

    If it is indeed the same issue you're encountering, feel free to confirm that in the above thread btw. The more people that report the error, the more priority King will give the issue I imagine. And if you know any other players experiencing it, point them to the thread too.

    (But if your issue is different, continue your thread here and include a screenshot of what your problem looks like.)

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