Why am I not receiving advertizments to get extra lives and busters anymore? Very sad..

XarlesXarles Posts: 1
Why am I not seeing advertizments to get extra lives and busters in my games ?


  • LesliethomasLesliethomas Posts: 5
    I was wondering why this wasn't offered on my game either I have two family members that play and they get to watch ads and you see boosters after they complete boards I have never received either option
  • Werner_CichyWerner_Cichy Posts: 5,505 Legend

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    I've got the ad for extra boosters for a long time on the mobile device. Sometimes she disappears for a short time, a week or two, and then she comes back. I suspect she is, like many other ways to get boosters, in a test phase of King. The players who receive these will be randomly selected.

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  • LesliethomasLesliethomas Posts: 5
    Ok ty. My daughter finds it sooo amusing because ill watch her and be freaking out and jealous Everytime she gets an offer (which is like everytime she touches the screen pretty much lol!) It really doesn't seem fair though ☹️ Hate to be a baby but i just enjoy the game and don't hardly receive many boosters. I was just really confused. My mom also gets them. Just not poor ol' Lester πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
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