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Tag the second player !🤓🤓A fun tagging game 🤠🤠

rare Posts: 579 Level 4
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Hello everyone !

You all have seen many types of tagging game here in this sweet community but now I am here with a 'Unique Tagging Game'😉😉

The game is so simple!

Simply you have to write the first two letters of your username (the name you are using in the community), and then you have to tag the second player of the recommendation just like this 👆️👆️👆️

As you can see that my username begins with ra , so according to the recommendations I'm going to tag


If in case you are on second in the recommendation list then you can tag any player of your own choice😁😁 😊and if that second player is inactive then you can tag any player from the list !

And also you have to leave any reaction on previous comment😉😉

So,let's begin the fun!!!



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