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Gold Rush/Level Rush - New Feature!

QueenB Posts: 14,539 Community Manager
edited May 2023 in Discussions

Help Yeti and Tiffi explore the mountain tunnels by passing levels.

Hurry, there is no time to waste as you only have 24 hours to complete event before it ends.

Pass new levels, fill the bar and claim your 25 Gold Bars.

NOTE! There is another version which offers 30 Gold Bars if you can pass 30 levels.

You need to pass new levels in order for it to count!

If you used to have the option to replay older levels but not anymore, we have passed the information to the team and waiting on a confirmation if the changes is intended or it's a an error. Stay tuned on this thread.

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Gold Rush/Level Rush - New Feature! 142 votes

Sweet event, I enjoy playing it
Lady_Choobd1987mintmin2Eribaldobmkersey08EOTheGr8lyrics6355rebdalDieOmimistr8bytchronijireadacameliaadidas11zs1982GonoszLoser_greddycandydeblgcassie49126Elviramartinez_61910873762368388superflyy_k1 66 votes
Not for me, I prefer more Gold Bars as rewards
Leslie_LinkieChantellelaura88fuenlaaautz1VjSerginhoAdavspottedhorsegiachinilauraFelicia610taniagomesLadyGaivmanDenhamovDarloarmcandycaNico_Gdlp4414ShagunproteeweipingDebsheridan[Deleted User][Deleted User] 35 votes
I have other feedback I want to share...please leave a comment
Carol-38KerrieSpinnifixGrammaBeckylelenspAlienscarGamer_christinewuppfamgetArumugadass 10 votes
I don't have this feature
Michael_moermanNigel_CleavesYoscaHF1badardakhemaramdaveswifeShilviya18OichiCassDLady_Sarinajen43JessCeegordan10Racoon7Terri_1AmoonmoonjenicarpKiki_gBettinaRickSheila_Rising 31 votes


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