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🤼‍♀️ Friends Challenge

QueenB Posts: 14,539 Community Manager
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Hey Candy Crushers!

We are excited to introduce a new version of the Friends Challenge feature, available from level 66 and version 1.277.0 and above!

Here’s how it works:

How to Play:

  1. Collect as many candies or beat as many levels as you can in 30 minutes.
  2. If your score is high enough you will unlock the machine and challenge your friends to beat your score.
  3. If your friends manage to beat you they win, if not, you do.


  • Each challenge type earns tokens that fill up the progress bar to win sweet prizes!

Challenge Limits:

  • 1 daily challenge to set your score and send to friends
  • You can accept up to 3 challenges a day from your friends

We’d love to hear how you feel about this feature! Please vote in our poll below and let us know your thoughts. 🎉

Vote now and share your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you for your feedback 🍭✨

🤼‍♀️ Friends Challenge 121 votes

😍 Love it! It’s a great addition
cookiemaeMónica_Ausiro_Malea261014Raerobbiesamm_kmlbetchiegrl29mohamedshaabanBickemsShilviya18rebelchildPrincess_Jessicaadidas11zs1982pyropixiemaura1965Palash_SarmaAmoonmoonbra_racingNico_GKyshA72Dlb70 89 votes
🙂 It’s okay, but could be better
gotgemsMountainMomalliemauiCindyJohnssteventsengamingycutu2503thu12345TPS23Gonosz_6667NippiCakAutterpopJasperisBestbichota_queen23sapang23True67zoya5 17 votes
😕 Not a fan, needs improvement
minnajmahamdaliRhonda_LPeaches12Zulki1990versalie07 6 votes
🫤 Dislike it, prefer the old system
Peter_Tornarosrobyriviera71happyronald1961Kacperek2010tbonemathewsmegsuecmohitverma999sexypreshmezeimaca 9 votes


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