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Is anyone else having trouble with level 5971?



  • matcur
    matcur Posts: 8 Level 2

    Just checking in again. I don't know if anyone from King IT reads these or not. Level 5971 is not working correctly. No matter what, 100,000 or a bit more is all I can get. It's one thing if it's a very hard level and I have trouble passing it but at least I know what to do. This level (5971) is simply not functioning. I'll try again occasionally and am hoping someone takes a look at it. Don't like to make a fuss over a game but I am not the only one who see issues here. There is also another post about this level started on 9/16/20.

  • geminicat67
    geminicat67 Posts: 6 Level 2

    I too can barely get past 100,000 despite following all advise

  • Werner_Cichy
    Werner_Cichy Posts: 28,373 Crushing Legend

    @geminicat67 and @matcur

    I can remember that when I played the level for the first time, I didn't get much more than 100,000 points. It should be changed. After a few attempts, I found the right combination between color bombs and bombs. It should happen early in the game. Then there are still many bombs in the field.

  • geminicat67
    geminicat67 Posts: 6 Level 2

    Thank you @Werner_Cichy for help and advise but I really would say there is a glitches with this level at the moment. I fully understand what needs to be done but it the most I've got after two days of playing is 120,000. Fair enough if it was a nightmarishly hard level but its not. Giving up afor a few days to see if anything is changed.

  • Mary_Kay
    Mary_Kay Posts: 1,396 Level 5

    @geminicat67 and @matcur welcome again. As Werner_Cichy said there was a fix to scoring issues. Please make sure to restart your device before trying again. Good luck to you both.

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 14,290 Candy Moderator
    edited September 2020

    Hello @matcur - when I wrote my post above - it was after I replayed the level twice yesterday and managed to pass and get the amount needed (just barely - only 1 star). I did start with a CB on the board and I was a little under the score when I made my last move, but the remaining points I got when the game used any remaining boosters/matches on the board (including one of the CBs in the corner that I hadn't activated) pushed me over the required score.

    I am playing on a mobile device (iPad)- so I don't know if it is working differently for a PC - but the game should work the same and you should be able to get the necessary points. Now there was a weird thing - at the beginning of the game it said to get 750,000 points but I was able to get one star and complete the level with only 590,000 points. The trick is to use the CBs on the color with the most bombs. You can get over 100,000 points just by doing that. I just played it again and was able to complete the level with a score of 903720. My first time getting so high.

    Below is a screen shot where I have got the CB I started with in a position to collect all purple candies (not there are 5 purple bombs on the board).

    Below is the board and score after I collected those purple candies:

    You want to use the stripes that drop from the sides to free the CBs in the corners - especially the top CBs because they will fall into the main board and then you can choose what color candy to use them on (in other words - the one with the most bombs of the same color). However it is very important not to destroy the magic mixers too soon because the more bombs you can collect with a CB, the higher your score will be.

    This screenshot below shows how I already have the required score with 4 moves left:

    I am sorry that you and the other players are having so much trouble with this level and I hope you get that lucky board and are able to complete and pass it soon.

  • Bee859
    Bee859 Posts: 14 Level 2

    I've updated the app and restarted my device., created multiple color bombs, etc. But his level still is not adding up correctly. I don't mind if a level is challenging, but this level is no longer fun to play.

  • geminicat67
    geminicat67 Posts: 6 Level 2

    what is also interesting is that some people seem to have a target of 750,000 whereas I have 575,000. I'm playing on an android phone. Is there a difference between those playing on android and those on ios by any chance?

  • Werner_Cichy
    Werner_Cichy Posts: 28,373 Crushing Legend
    edited September 2020


    You may not have the latest version on your Android device after all. Check for updates in the Play store. My version is from 09.09.2020

    750 000 = 2 Stars

    I have just played on my mobile device without the start booster and without using the booster.

    Without exerting myself

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