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🎃👻🕸️ Halloween 2020 - Sweeter and spookier than ever in Candy Crush Saga!



  • PaulThomas2000PaulThomas2000 Posts: 65 Level 2

    I finished level 4. But the 5th level doesn't let me. More than

  • Kathy_Johnson-2Kathy_Johnson-2 Posts: 9 Level 2

    The Halloween event was in the event section of my game and I played the first few levels and then when I went back to continue playing, the event had disappeared. I closed the game and re-opened it, but the event is just gone. There were still quite a few levels to play. Can you tell me why it disappeared?

    Thank you.

  • lakierelakiere Posts: 797 Level 3

    Good morning 🙏 🌄 ☺ 💓 everyone

  • lakierelakiere Posts: 797 Level 3

     New to the Community? Register here in just 2 seconds!

    This Halloween will be spookier and sweeter than ever in Candy Crush Saga!

    Get ready for all the coming events, challenges and sweet treats the following weeks. 

    Mark your calendars with these dates and happenings so you won't miss anything this Halloween.

    Remember also to update the app on mobile to the latest version! Some older version may not be able receive or run all the events.

    Spooky Skulls

    26 October - 1 November

    Complete bonus levels with the new Sour Skulls and win sweet rewards!

    You can find the Spooky Skulls challenge under the events tab in the game and for more details about the event, check HERE.

    Pumpkin Pursuit

    28 October - 1 November

    This Halloween even the candies will be haunted in the game! At least the orange candies that will be turned into Pumpkin Candies.

    Match and collect as many Pumpkin Candies as you can and compete with other players. You can find the leaderboard to see your position under the game's events tab. More info on the event HERE.

    Halloween Treasure Hunt: Trick or Treat

    31 October - 3 November

    Join Tiffi on trick or treating in the game! 

    Several mysterious doors will appear on the saga map. When you reach a level that has a door, someone will open it and give you a sweet treat! 

    There will be three doors you can knock on and get a reward from, but remember to get to there before the time runs out.

    Who do you think will open the door? What treat are you hoping on to get?

    Hallowed Tower

    2 November - 8 November

    The Sour Skulls are already back the following week! Complete more spooky Sour Skull levels to win even more Boosters. 

    These Sour Skull levels will be slightly more challenging, but the reward will also be sweeter than the previous week.

    Find all details about the Hallowed Tower HERE.

    Help Tiffi to find all Sour Skulls and win a Party Booster

    16 October - 6 November

    The sweet challenges are not only available in the game!

    Help Tiffi to find all Sour Skulls here in the Community and get the chance to win the ultimate Party Booster. You can find the competition HERE.

    Community Level Race

    23 - 30 October

    Complete 15 levels in one week and get an exclusive badge here in Community, but also get a chance to win Gold Bars! Head over to the first race HERE.

    30 October - 6 November

    The second race this Halloween is to complete 30 levels in one week! Do you think you have what it takes to beat this? Check all info and start the race HERE.

    Which of the events are you looking most forward to?

    Do you think you will beat all of them?

    Will you be busy playing all the events in Candy Crush Saga this Halloween?

    October 21edited October 23

    Halloween 2020 🎃👻 sweeter and spookier than ever in Candy Crush Saga!

    Check it out 👉👉👉 HERE

    🍬 Play Candy Crush Saga 🍾 Play Candy Crush Soda Saga 🍮 Play Candy Crush Jelly Saga

    👬 Play Candy Crush Friends Saga 🐷 Play Farm Heroes Saga

  • PounaweaPounawea Posts: 4,519 Community Manager

    Dear community,

    Due to a problem with the 5th and last level of the Hallowed Tower climb, we have temporarily deactivated the event.

    Check out here the latest news regarding the Spooky Skull Tower event -> HERE

    Have a delicious day everyone and happy crushing. 🍬 🍬

  • JohnmeatmanJohnmeatman Posts: 546 Level 3
  • Tzvi_MarcuTzvi_Marcu Posts: 2,303 Level 5

    @Pounawea @Crazy Cat Lad

    Yesterday I didn't receive the Spooky Skulls event. I ask in the post if this event is for all players or just to part of them. If you know please answer.

  • rafa140493rafa140493 Posts: 72 Level 2

    Very nice event, sweet sweet way to win one Party Popper booster!

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