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Level 8212 - Not enough Waffles

kck1001kck1001 Posts: 95 Level 2
edited November 2020 in Support

This level has to be reviewed. As I have watched the videos from some early players, once again the available moves is reducing from 35 to 32 and 29 now, however, the game controller has not noticed that he/she should reduce the number of order of Waffles as well, since on board, there are only 144 Waffles onboard, if you are lucky enough that can have one Waffle being generated for each move, you could have 144 + 29 = 173 total waffles available to collect, moreover, you also need the luck for the last move to clear the last Waffle that you can clear at max 173 Waffles (which is not enough). Maybe you can say you can use Lucky Candy to generate more Waffles but .....Have the company really listened to the players?! or Is the company just treat us as Quality control officer for this game?!


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