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Level 8000 - still!!!

andy1101andy1101 Posts: 18 Level 2

So now I’ve finished level 8165. Still nothing for level 8000.

When I contact King, I’m referred to here.

When I’m here I restart regularly and exude patience awaiting a solution as advised by the community

Meanwhile others seem to have been rewarded. Some of them from contacting King and getting past the robot!

As I’ve said before - not impressed.


  • YueyueYueyue Posts: 275 Level 3

    You see, this is a huge problem on King. Thousands have not got their boosters yet too.

    I guess there's a waitlist... but you WILL get the boosters sooner or later.

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 68,478 Crushing Legend

    @andy1101 Hi and welcome, We only have the information we las has regarding this and that was King was working on a fix to get the reward to everyone that missed the gifts. So i hope you receive these soon

    Thank you

  • andy1101andy1101 Posts: 18 Level 2

    All you have done is to reiterate my point that some players are more favoured than others.

    The robot refers our queries to here. You refer us back to King. Nothing changes.

    Looks like an all-round abrogation of responsibility!!

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 68,478 Crushing Legend

    @andy1101 Hi again, The community can not deal with missing reward issues, we can only help and advise, the information is what we have been told and that is the studio is working on a fix to get the rewards to everyone that did not receive them. So hopefully this is happening and you will receive you reward but we cannot give you time frame on this

    Thank you

  • andy1101andy1101 Posts: 18 Level 2

    That is why things are so frustrating.

    We fill in the form to highlight an issue. We don’t get to communicate with a real person. The robot refers us to the community. Nothing happens.

    I’d suggest it’s a significant pr issue.

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