Golden and Diamond Path

Tricia55Tricia55 Posts: 152 Level 2

I don't have either AGAIN this week. Did you do away with them on laptop, desktop?


  • bekicrusherbekicrusher Posts: 921 Level 5

    Hey @trishia@Tricia55,

    not sure how these options work, but I've noticed that I don't see the Golden path if I play through FB, but everything on my phone is working ok (except for the fact I have 2 events, but I guess it's better to have 2 then none).

    Since you previously had it and now you don't, it could be one of those features when they randomly select a couple of players to test it out, so it comes and goes (like the chocolate box at times ;) ).

    So, I think @Freddy_Falkner might have some inside, why you don't get the Golden and the Diamond path anymore.

    Gutta cavat lapidem non vi sed saepe cadendo. 💦

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  • bekicrusherbekicrusher Posts: 921 Level 5

    Hi @Tricia55,

    not sure why this keeps happening to you. I checked if there are any differences in my case, since I sometimes play via FB and noticed that the Golden path doesn't appear there, but on my phone things look ok (except for the fact that there are 2 events instead of one).

    So, either it's really the problem in the device you're playing on or it's one of those features that get tested first on a couple of randomly selected players and it comes and goes (like the chocolate box at times).

    Maybe @Freddy_Falkner knows something that might help.

    Gutta cavat lapidem non vi sed saepe cadendo. 💦

  • Freddy_Freddy_ Posts: 59,166 Sweet Legend

    @Tricia55 Hi , not sure why you have it some times and not others but some features you get are device specific. for me i only get this on my mobile and have not had it on my win 10 app game and have not played on facebook for a few weeks so not sure if it is on that or not, but if you have had it on PC not sure why you could not get it again unless you just been removed from the test group

  • Tricia55Tricia55 Posts: 152 Level 2

    I don't have it on any device. Where are the administrators? Not hearing anything from them.

  • Tricia55Tricia55 Posts: 152 Level 2

    @Pounawea why am I not getting golden/diamond path?

  • rafa140493rafa140493 Posts: 67 Level 2

    @Tricia55 the answer is always the same, it is a test feature for just some people, I find it very very unfair, I (we) don't have the opportunity to win party poppers boosters from the diamond path.

    Another thing is some people receive 10 gold bars for winning the episode race, and I just win 5.

    This is the thing I hate the most about this game, the game is not the same for everyone, as far we know they are able to know your player id and give you the events they want and don't give the ones they don't, this should not be even legal.

  • Tricia55Tricia55 Posts: 152 Level 2

    rafa140493 I'm not going to play anymore. This has been a constant thing with CC and I'm sick of it. I agree with you. The ones that are doing well in golden/diamond path they take it away from because you are winning boosters. The ones that don't do that well, get the events. King stinks

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