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  • NancyDrewNancyDrew Posts: 29 Level 2

    I have learned my lesson about these faulty levels. Impossible because licorice continue to drop covering jellies. I don't have that many boosters, so I will not waste them or spend any money. STOP RELEASING UNTESTED LEVELS!

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  • steineinsteinein Posts: 95 Level 2


    This is yet another level where unless you got it in advance (the video creators) or got to it within the 1st couple of hours of release you're screwed because they changed it to make it harder.

    In this case it is now FLAWED because the licorice drops every move so there's no way to get to the last couple of jellies.

    Come on King, stop this.

  • saurensauren Posts: 178 Level 3

    I have to agree with all the other players above. If you don't have UFOs, party boosters, and a lot of lollipop hammers, there is no way to clear the jellies at the two bottom corners. The licorice keep dropping. Please amend this level.

    Thank you!

  • NancyRobinsonNancyRobinson Posts: 11 Level 2

    There is a youtube video posted 3 weeks ago the player starts out with 50 moves and regular candies not just licorice drop from the top. Even if it were still 35 moves it might be possible if regular candy dropped.

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 3,047 Level 5
    edited February 12


    Level 8841

    This would be one of those cha-ching for King type of levels at this point in time; whatever your currency is (& if you want to complete it right now), they'll see you at the pay window...


    Der Spieler utilised 5 boosters (3 hands & 1 each of hammer/UFO) to escape this POS level, so now the fun starts in trying to earn back what was used here.

    But hoarding/keeping/saving boosters (& using 'em sparingly), another player might know something about that (if anyone else saw the screenshot before redaction, you know what's up); perhaps it's an ancient Chinese secret or whatever (good on her; you go, girl!).

    Der Spieler digresses, back to the topic:

    So the cost of those 5 boosters equals 35.7 GBs (round it up to 36); King win (this time).

    Those liquorice swirls are spawning at an excessively stupid rate at the moment, so let's see if that gets calmed down a bit (unless they want players to stop right here).

    C'mon, King; make it fair...

  • Brenda_WeberBrenda_Weber Posts: 20 Level 2

    They will, eventually, after they have made their money grab...

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 3,047 Level 5
    edited February 12


    They will, eventually; after they have made their money grab...

    Of course, but (the burning ? is) would that be on Friday or Monday?

    Der Spieler is leaning towards the latter, as they can make a bit of dough on weekends (as well as weekdays, makes no difference to them)...

  • macdogmacdog Posts: 54 Level 2

    8841 is ridiculous! please fix it. used all boosters most lives and it is no fault of mine. please credit me my used boosters and lives that i used. this is your fault not mine. thank you in advance. using a few lives and boosters is normal, this level is definitely abnormal!!

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 3,047 Level 5
    edited February 12


    Comments: the levels from this week (8811-8855)

    Well, well; well...

    Some of these levels, you're seeing threads/comments sprouting up all over the place; they aren't writing themselves, & der Spieler will leave it at that.

    Gonna roast someone a bit here, even though they don't have too much material on the website at the moment.


    But this will be about a duh question, located here; here's a screenshot of it:

    At least that was a nice reply from Nancy there; but since the topic is about level 8816, wouldn't the answer be obvious?

    Some people, sometimes; gotta shake your damn head about that stuff, no matter who they are.

    And yet another week of those episode races not working properly, that scheiße is getting kind of old now...

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 Level 3

    any hope ?? or my last level 🤐😕

  • wee_powee_po Posts: 25 Level 2

    Theres always one that they throw in on a new release. Ton of boosters used so Im sitting bak and waiting till its sorted. Another week of them not checking before releasing. Just wastes the fun in the games now.

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,390 Level 4

    Completed the first episode yesterday. Level 8811 had me stumped for a little bit. For some reason I cannot get a clear picture of the covered jellies and I missed one move. The fruit then became stuck since there were no jellies next to it.

    I unfortunately failed that level and fortunately picked up a Golden Crown on the replay. Anyone else got stuck there?

    Quite a few difficult and tricky levels in this episode. At least I got through 8816 unscathed.

    The Licorice and waffle cascades is becoming a bit too much in my opinion, Especially if there is a maximum drop. When that happens, the jelly matching on the side where it drops becomes almost nonexistent. In one level I had 5 moves left to clear the Rainbow Rapid path, and it literally rained licorice. I had to resort to boosters in order to get a first time pass. Poor Board???

    PS. I noticed on Monday whilst playing for Sugar Stars that you loose your Win Streak if you fail a lower level. Anyone having a similar experience.

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