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Why can’t I reply to some tags

Loveth_NP Posts: 1,741 Level 5
edited February 2021 in Support

Hi community experts , please it’s been over a month now that am experiencing an unable to reply to posts that am tagged on also some tags that says vote 🗳 I can’t vote . Please kindly see to what might be wrong . Thanks ✊🏾


  • Freddy_
    Freddy_ Posts: 68,477 Crushing Legend

    @Loveth_NP Hi Again, What is you issue with the tags and not being able to reply , are you receiving any error messages. What so you mean by bots you cannot vote on? . Are this in the idea section or can you link a post

  • Loveth_NP
    Loveth_NP Posts: 1,741 Level 5

    Thanks @Freddy_Falkner for your reply , bots was a typo error . Meant to say vote . No it is nothing of a message error , there is a malfunction somewhere along the lines because I will open the msgs that I was tagged in but can’t reply to 90% of the posts am tagged in.

  • Mr_Peely
    Mr_Peely Posts: 3,333 Level 5

    Hi @Loveth_NP

    Welcome to the Community!

    Is the commenting box still there?

    Did you try to Click on the "Quote button and try to respond?

    Can you tag players that had tagged you in the Threads?

    To fix this problems save your account credentials and then sign out from the Community. Then try to Clear Cache from whatever browser you are using and then restart your phone. Also check for any possible updates of your browser. When you are done try to log back in to the Community and see if these Solutions helped you.

    Have a great day!

  • Loveth_NP
    Loveth_NP Posts: 1,741 Level 5

    Hi , thank you very much and yes I do click on quote,  I click to vote  , click to participate and click on the comment box but the buttons will jump into scrolling up instead of a reply/comment enablement . Right now I can’t even reply you guys here, it’s doing me same, I have to write this reply and copy from my phone note to post here .

  • Loveth_NP
    Loveth_NP Posts: 1,741 Level 5

    I have these tags like more than 20 tags in each day but can’t reply , this is very sad . I was using fb to log into my game app but now I use my Apple ID . Please help because I don’t understand what might be causing these malfunction 🤔

  • Loveth_NP
    Loveth_NP Posts: 1,741 Level 5

    Also my access to the community is very limited as I can’t write or compose my words here directly , I have to write on another app and then copy to paste here to reply or comment. This is not a fun task , I wish and and to write or comment or respond directly here. Please help!!!!

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