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Level 2456 impossible

Evan_Lei Posts: 295 Level 3

I played this level at least 150 tries and I haven't passed this yet. At 0 moves left there were at least 20 jelly squares left. It is very hard to clear the bottom of the board because of the frosting, chocolate, and licorice swirls. The shells also bother me. 19 moves isn't enough to pass and is fully impossible.


  • arwen777
    arwen777 Posts: 1,394 Level 5

    You are absolutely right @Evan_Lei! It is truly a ridiculously hard level! 😤 I remembering playing it over and over with all the boosters checked (!) every time and I couldn't pass it! 😨 I finally beat it literally at the last move by using the one party popper I had! If you have gold to spend, I'd advice you to invest it in that specific booster. Also, you should take a look at the following tutorial in case you haven't already:

  • Evan_Lei
    Evan_Lei Posts: 295 Level 3

    I heard an unusual mechanic problem for this level. I put a lollipop hammer on a candy of a different color and then put a color bomb on a green candy, and the green wrapped candy on the right explodes but doesn't clear the last jelly.

    I spent moves (there is no moves wheel) using gold bars and win after one move. I will ask @LindQ to increase this level moves to 25 after there were jelly layers in the 50s after 0 moves on average. Not enough! I passed this level with boosters!

  • arwen777
    arwen777 Posts: 1,394 Level 5

    Congrats for passing it @Evan_Lei! 👏 I hope the creative team hears your suggestion because the moves on this level are definitely not enough!

  • moetoe
    moetoe Posts: 5 Level 2

    The screen prints of level 2456 I see here looks completely different than the one I'm playing. I've been playing this level for a couple of days. I play on android, netscape, chrome, edge, plus the downloaded pc app. I cannot get past it, either.

    This is what my 2456 looks like:

    As you can see, I'm starting this level with a color bomb but it won't help. Anyone know why mine is different than the ones shown here?

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