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Level 2996 - last acorn won’t move



  • gagalindeburggagalindeburg Posts: 4 Newbie

    Same issue. Last right cherry won’t drop. iOS.

    Need help, restore my winning streak record. Don’t care about replacing all the boosters tried. Just want to try again and/or move on.

    king, please acknowledge.

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  • gagalindeburggagalindeburg Posts: 4 Newbie

    WHOOPIE! Used a piñata and the cherry dropped, and won the game.

    SOLVED. Don’t have any idea what the piñata did or fixed, but I’m just glad to be able to move on.

  • sbr8w8sbr8w8 Posts: 2 Newbie

    @gagalindeburg I will have to give the Pinata a go. I have stopped playing all together because its just too frustrating. Thanks

  • ebronsveldebronsveld Posts: 1 Newbie

    Yesss! I have the same issue!!! Updated to the latest version, restarted my iPad but it no matter what I do, the right cherry on the very top won’t budge. I’m on my iPad Pro (12.9 inch) (4th gen), running on iOS 14.4.2

  • yannicoskaryannicoskar Posts: 6 Level 2

    bizarre, je n'ai jamais,payé pour avancer dans le jeux, maintenant je suis au 3559!

  • thomi1981thomi1981 Posts: 1 Newbie

    Hello, I see lots of historical posts about this problem so the problem is not new. Level 2996 - collect 2 cherries and 2 acorns. The last acorn in the 3rd drop box along will NOT budge. I’m not going to waste any more lives or boosters or money on this problem. Can you fix this please or provide advice. Thank you

  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 65,706 Candy Moderator

    For level 2996  Last right cherry won’t drop.on iOS.

    I will tag Level designer , @LindQ

  • LindQLindQ Posts: 540 Kingster
  • chanjabchanjab Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited July 21

    I'm having this same issue - I can't get the last cherry to move at all. I'm on iPhone and my app is up to date, too. I even used 29 gold bars to use a pinata and use the switch booster. Nothing worked. Please help!

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