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  • John_58011John_58011 Posts: 177 Level 3

    Reached 9212 today, and maybe it has been tweaked before I got there. Also very sneaky to block off PGB, even if it will not affect the streak. Therefore much harder to start the level with a CB x 2 combo, now the PGB is blocked. Finally got two combos S/R and a double wrapped in the lower leave a reasonable amount of LH to clear the beast (7).

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  • John_58011John_58011 Posts: 177 Level 3

    Being curious, went back to 9203 and 9207 @LindQ no boosters, was enjoyable in fact. Passed both times, 9207 on one move left....but need eyes open on the Color Bomb dispenser, and when you have a Color Bomb eyes open to the colour of the stripes on top and bottom and the Candy Cane, not Licorice Fence is between the target colour stripes and the unopened L Shells. Sometimes I wait a move before mixing the CB with a colour candy. Did not manage a CB x 2 combo but one CB/wrapped. 9203 again all eyes on the striped candy cannons, first get the skulls. I kept an eye on the vertical stripes on the board too, sometimes moving them off the belt to my advantage. The cannons are active, and finished with 8 moves to spare no boosters. Probably got a lucky board to get the skulls quite quickly and the next two moves the Bon Bons went crazy. Two examples of think before every move = good challenge. 9207 will struggle if moves are taken away by the time it gets to mobile and Facebook browser though.

  • candycrazy99candycrazy99 Posts: 13 Level 2

    Level there a glitch?? The keys don’t drop early enough to clear the board? Only 22 moves now, videos show there were 40 moves before!!?

  • glenn_augustineglenn_augustine Posts: 17 Level 2

    Candy crush 9020

    Thus level is no way to pass as only 24lives to you tube the level lives is so different.please look into the game level and do the adjustment

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 2,773 Level 5

    Hello @glenn_augustine Did you mean to write level 9202?

  • glenn_augustineglenn_augustine Posts: 17 Level 2

    Level 9202.

    Impossto pass and 24 lives given....what the heck.please check the game board .And lives given is different from you tube.

  • janice111janice111 Posts: 17 Level 2
    edited April 24

    I have found that several levels do not give enough moves making it nearly impossible to pass certain levels without spending $$ in order to buy gold bars to get more moves. For example, Level 9214 gives you only 23 moves when the YouTube video of this level has 30 moves. I noticed that this has been the case with many recent levels. In one case, the YouTube video showed 15 more moves for a level than was actually given to players. Why is this? It seems very unfair and that you are trying hard to get players to spend money in order to advance! Make it fair at least!

  • David_LewisDavid_Lewis Posts: 130 Level 3

    9196 was hard enough with 40 moves,now it's been reduced to 31 not a chance now

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 1,065 Level 4
    edited April 25

    Hello @LindQ and other players at the top of the map.

    Is it just me or have the levels gotten extremely hard the last three to four weeks? I thought I was a pretty good player to make to the end of the map, but apparently I am just an average to below average player at best. I have really struggled the last two weeks. Last week was the first time I could not complete all three new episodes before the new levels came out a week later since August 2020. This week it has taken me four days to complete the first of the three new episodes. Almost every level is like a Nightmarishly Hard level to me. Right now I am stuck on an actual Nightmarishly Hard level 9187. The funny thing to me is that this level doesn’t seem any harder than most of the levels I’ve played this week, because they are all about like this.

    I think this might be my last week of Candy Crush Saga if I can’t finish the next two episodes by next Wednesday when the new levels come out. I’m sorry to say that I’m just not having fun anymore. Every level is such a slog now that takes so many tries to pass. Up until about 4 weeks ago or so, I wasn’t having any of these problems. Something has definitely changed and I can’t quite put my finger on it, but except for the Samantha levels, the game has really lost it’s fun factor. It really saddens me that the game has changed so much in the past month or so. Well, it’s been a good run, and maybe I’ll come back and try it again in the future some time.

    Good luck everyone.

  • DitteDitte Posts: 456 Level 3

    I don't think it's just you. I follow the and last week and this week I've seen tons of complaints from people. Lots and lots more than usual.

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 1,065 Level 4

    Thanks for the link to that blog @Ditte. I read a lot of the comments there just now and it does seem like I’m not the only one who is having problems. I thought it was interesting to read a number of comments almost like what I posted above. I really would like to get to level 10,000 but I’m not sure I have the patience.

    I finally figured out why the Nighmarishly Hard levels don’t seem much harder. It is because the difficulty of the so-called easy levels has been increased so much that they are approaching the difficulty of the Nighmarishly Hard levels. They can’t increase the difficulty of the Nighmarishly Hard levels because then they would be impossible, so the result is a “compression” of the difficulty of almost all the levels towards the Nighmarishly Hard end of the difficulty spectrum. This causes all but the very easiest levels to seem the same and all seem extremely difficult and frustrating. It really does get boring playing the same level over and over just waiting for that “lucky” board.

    Thanks again for the information and letting me know it’s not just me. I really appreciate it.

  • DitteDitte Posts: 456 Level 3

    You're welcome. Actually some of the levels labeled nightmarish have been made easier because they were "impossible" when they were first released on Windows 10, but they've kept the label even though they're sometimes, at least initially, made easy to pass.

  • DitteDitte Posts: 456 Level 3

    And I wouldn't mind if they stopped making new levels when 10000 is reached. The last year or so (or even before that starting with "The Fix") most of the good stuff has been taken away and the "new exciting features" haven't been exciting at all. More a stressful chore than an enjoyment to play these days. Same goes for the Soda Saga.

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 1,065 Level 4

    It’s funny you suggested they stop at 10,000 @Ditte.

    I was thinking the exact thought myself today. It would be a great stopping point and people could say “I beat Candy Crush Saga”.

    Those who actually get to the end could move to other really fun games like Candy Crush Friends Saga! 😉

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,027 Level 4

    @Ditte @nnarkis I agree most levels are hard without the use of boosters. That is why the Candy Necklace and collecting boosters during the week is important. I make sure I collect on the Daily Treat Calendar, Booster Wheel and Chocolate Box (hopefully it is returning) every day + I have a very good F5 team that combines well and usually collects the boosters on offer 3 times per week. Winning the Space Race also helps. I use boosters for nothing else but newly released levels.

    I want Candy Crush Saga to definitely continue as I find all the other games uninteresting and I tire of them very easily. Worst of all are Pet Rescue and Farm Heroes Saga.

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