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Feedback on levels 9351-9395



  • John_58011
    John_58011 Posts: 208 Level 3

    I'd struggle to reach 10,000 by the weekend. Another 85,000 levels is a different kettle of fish, LOL.

  • Scooterpie
    Scooterpie Posts: 5,096 Level 5

    No problems encountered with the 1st Episode.

    I am stopping at this point for the day. Had the episode race and won it. Last week I played one new episode each day and got the race for all 3 episodes. We shall see what happens this week?

    Level 9355 stuck out to me because it only had striped dispensers and yet I enjoyed it. I usually do not like striped dispensers alone, I like a combo of dispensers. I think it had to do with all them cherries. A level does not have to be hard to be fun.

  • LindQ
    LindQ Posts: 562 Kingster

    I'll make sure to have that fixed tomorrow, oops! another one of these weird edge cases. 😅

  • John_58011
    John_58011 Posts: 208 Level 3

    9389 got the oops if select PGB and the Win Streak. Seems big risk of the oops, no more possible switches. Beware this level de-select the PGBs.

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3

    Struggled through the second episode, quite a few hard levels i thought. Also for me the most enjoyable level so far this week- 9378. Hopefully that one isn't ruined with any tweaks in future releases!

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4
    edited May 2021

    Completed all three levels. I agree with @Michael-6 about the Sugar coating throughout the three episodes. They obscure the jellies that needs to be target, or maybe my eyesight is just plain poor. I do not particularly like them.

    It was the usual mix of straightforward, tricky and downright difficult. I did however pass all levels with diamond trophies and my Win Streak is nearing 400.

    Episode Race appeared just for the first episode, thereafter MIA.

    My rating for the first episode is 8/10. No issues at all , with Levels 9365, 9366 and 9370 being poor for me. The rest were enjoyable and fun, with the trickiest in my opinion being levels 9356 and 9362. Level 9369 was enjoyable with Samantha in it.

    The second episode was almost below average and I would rate it 5/10., with 9373 and 9378 being the worst of the lot. Level 9379 was a bit of a letdown with Samantha, unless it was just a poor board, or may she showed her true colours. Level 9378 was fun in a strange way. The level just did not do it for me. Level 9379 was the same.

    The last episode was in between the first two episodes and deserve 7/10 only. Most levels were fun to play and the best level out the 45, was Level 9387, with 9393 and 9394 being the toughest of the lot.

    I must throw in Level 9390 as being a very good level.

    Boosters used were 1 x Party Booster, 3 x UFO's, in excess of 8 LH's and 5 FS's. 2 x Paint Stripes made up the last of it.

    To those that must still complete, enjoy.

  • LindQ
    LindQ Posts: 562 Kingster

    Ah, 9373 is actually one of mine. I'll do better next time, promise. But 9387 is also mine, so I guess I did something right? 😅

    @John_58011 Thanks for letting me know! I put that on the list as well 😊

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4

    @LindQ, the spawning was just too frequent for me. I just about create an opening, then it spawns the sugar coat, and spoils the move. I had to resort to 3xLH's to get rid of the last AS's, or risk loosing the level.

    On the bright side, I just replayed it without boosters and completed it with the last move, so maybe it was just a bad board for me.

  • pytnrd
    pytnrd Posts: 15 Level 2

    I also have run into the glitch at 9373. Very disappointing that my streak was killed by it.

  • Purvi_Macwan
    Purvi_Macwan Posts: 63 Level 2

    @LindQ - I'll make sure to have that fixed tomorrow, oops! another one of these weird edge cases. 😅

    No need to tweak anything. 9373 is easy as piece of cake. Just did it with first try without any booster. Don't tweak it. It may break something else.

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