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🔘🍒 Poll of the week - Jelly levels vs Ingredient levels



  • CassDCassD Posts: 5,366 Level 5
    Jelly levels

    Sorry I can't vote @Crazy Cat Lad, as I haven't progressed far enough in the game yet.

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  • julzie68julzie68 Posts: 49 Level 2
    Jelly levels

    Voted love jelly levels

  • Chi_Nah_ZohChi_Nah_Zoh Posts: 14 Level 2
    Ingredient levels


    I know I said before that Ingredients level was better than jelly levels

    That is so not true

    I take it back

    Jelly levels are way better than Ingredients levels

    With boosters you can finish a jelly level ....

    But in an Ingredients level, that shit is hard

    You may use all ya boosters only to discover that one Ingredient is stuck somewhere on the board with no way out

    So......My point is that Jelly levels are way better and easier than Ingredients levels

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