Not receiving lives from friends.

JanplusedsJanpluseds Posts: 1 Newbie

I haven't been receiving lives from friends on my iPad for a while now.  I did everything I could think of to see if they would start coming again but no luck.  I even deleted the app but that was a big mistake because not only did I lose the 32 lives I had built up, but I also lost all my boosters.  It seems like this has been happening since about the same time as my last iOS update.  Could that be the case?

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  • Tune_DTune_D Posts: 1,090 Level 3
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    Hi Janpluseds,

    Check for updates for both your iPad and all your apps. Restart the iPad too. 

    Make sure you allow notifications on your behalf by Candy Crush Saga in your Facebook settings. 

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  • This is the 2nd time with this issue... The first time, I ended up using up all my Gold bars to get past it.   The PROBLEM is that when I ask my friends for help to get past the barrier, they help, but instead of getting it as friends helping (which you only need 3 to help) I get a life instead.  Please help to resolve this issue.  This is the 2nd time and the next step is to just quit playing.  

  • EiEi Posts: 38 Level 2

    Hi Janpluseds,

    Check for updates for both your iPad and all your apps. Restart the iPad too. 

    Make sure you allow notifications on your behalf by Candy Crush Saga in your Facebook settings. 

    I"m having the same issue on my lasptop so I doubt if your iPad is the issue. I sent a life request to my other Candy Crush account, that accoun receives it, sends back, and I never get it. I'm not getting any. This started a week ago and it seems to be an ongoing issue that hasn't been resolved in a year
  • Still not receiving any lives of friends, on my samsung tablet, samsung mobile, and apple mac desk top computer, nada !!!!! have rebooted all devices, still nothing. whats going on ? 

  • Not receiving any lives from friends. 

  • Kaylynn_Kaylynn_ Posts: 2

    Not receiving any lives from friends. 

    Same thing here --- there are actually 3 people that are the only ones that show, even though others DO send (I've asked).
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    THIS ISSUE IS NOT SOLVED. It is marked as solved, but it is not anywhere near being solved. It is pretty clear that King support has no intention of fixing the issue. After two years of people asking the question, no viable answer has been received. Since they switched to only allowing access to their games, forum and support via Facebook...nothing has worked properly. KingCare doesn't care at all. I've uninstalled all but 1 of their games, and I'm about to uninstall that, too. I never receive lives from over 300 friends I have on the website. It's inexcusable at this point that they haven't reversed their horrible decision to align themselves with Facebook. 

  • I have the same issue on all of my devices, reinstalled, updated & rebooted. Still no joy!

  • Norma_BrooksNorma_Brooks Posts: 2 Newbie

    I have the same problem, none of the suggested solutions work.  Sick of it now.

  • Juliet_DonativoJuliet_Donativo Posts: 14 Level 2

    I have the same issue. I can't even play anymore because of it. I don't understand why they store the lives on your device (my iPhone) when I am playing on my iPad. They should be stored on my iPad. But no.

  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 21,255 Candy Moderator

    When you play the game on the iPad, the lives from that time will be stored locally in your iPad device memory.

    If not, follow the steps below.

    Check App Update > Log Out Game > Restart Device > Open Game & Log In.

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    I have teammates who always send lives but never request lives, one teammate always requests lives but never sends any, one teammate is an administrator on candy crush soda saga VEVERLY he/she sends way more requests for lives than he/she sends to others, maybe a game glitch, but imo if you send a teammate a life you should automatically receive one from them

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