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🏖️🏕️🏛️🍹 Candy Summer Vacation Contest - What vacay type are you? (finished)



  • yotsely
    yotsely Posts: 3 Newbie
    Sun, sea and relax on the beach.
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  • yotsely
    yotsely Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited June 2021
    Sun, sea and relax on the beach.

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  • yotsely
    yotsely Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited June 2021
    Sun, sea and relax on the beach.

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  • lelensp
    lelensp Posts: 51,969 Level 5
    Sun, sea and relax on the beach.

    Being in an archipelago surrounded by water you cant help but be a vacay type of sun sea and relax on the beach.

    I dont mind travelling 3, 6 or 12 hours to reach the beach and another thrilling boat ride of 2 hours from the port to the island of our destination. The island whose sparkling white sand (which i love to collect plus shells) makes the sea water crystal clear that you could see the creatures under. Bonfire by the beach at night is so relaxing chatting with my loved ones over a barbecued hotdog and marshmallow.

    The next morning would be much more exciting: walking along the shore watching the sunrise and after breakfast island hopping. Setting foot on different island with caves full of stalactite, riding the banana boat and jetskie and snorkling, (which is the best part of the island tour) at lunch would be a sumptous meal of steamed shrimp and crab plus our delicacy pork and chicken adobo with rice of course.

    After this vacay the sweetest words you would say is "I'll come back again."

  • AnnieSays
    AnnieSays Posts: 43 Level 2
    Party, chat and dance all night with old and new friends.


    We've all spent enough time with our spouses, & kids at home for over a year.

    When I think of vacation I think beach, Key West, Miami, Captiva, Sanibel island, with friends, Adult siblings, would be perfect.

    Sun, beach, pool, booze, bars, music, repeat…. 🍸🎼🌞🌊🍤🍹☕️

  • me6412
    me6412 Posts: 9,516 Pro Player 👑
    Sun, sea and relax on the beach.

    @Crazy Cat Lad Liking this, great to see where some of the Community might spend their vacation time. As for myself I live within a valley between to mountains and having the chance to hike is a givin almost every day and I do that mostly on weekends with my son and we get to see nature at it's best, the scenic atmosphere with animals and clean air love it. My vacation is going to be a Beach and Fun in the Sun and while there meeting some new friends and taking in some fine dining and trying some new foods, and looking at some hot bodies. (hopefully) Hope everyone has a great vacation and enjoys the opportunity for relaxing and playing.

  • crisaniya
    crisaniya Posts: 113 Level 3
    Sun, sea and relax on the beach.

    I'm more like Tiffy and hoping that my next vacations are in the sea ⛵

  • rezakhazaei
    rezakhazaei Posts: 5 Level 2
    edited July 2021


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  • gemazing
    gemazing Posts: 153 Level 3
    Nature, mountains, lakes and hiking in fresh air.

    Hey @Crazy Cat Lad

    A log cabin near a little stream in a secret clearing in an "enchanted" forest with my nine year old daughter.

    We'd go searching for fairy's, elf's and unicorns and spend some much needed quality time together. 💞👥🌲🏞️

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