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Merry meet

I am new and just wanted to say hi to everyone


  • SandMan3425SandMan3425 Posts: 18 Level 2

    Hello! I'm new to the community as well, and kinda digging it.

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  • doncoyotedoncoyote Posts: 87 Level 3

    Hello, and merry part, merry meet again (as I recall the saying goes).

  • DragonQueenFreyaDragonQueenFreya Posts: 43 Level 2
    edited September 2021

    That is the saying goes I am not new to the game but I am to the community. I like the game I am stuck at a harder level so it's a mix of like/hate

  • doncoyotedoncoyote Posts: 87 Level 3

    I am in the same boat, been playing for quite some time, but just joined this community. Getting stuck on a level can be a drag. Especially with only five lives at a time. :(

    There are comment sections somewhere here for help in specific levels. I’ve found some levels I was stuck on had a clever design trick, making me have to play it differently.

    I’d go look up suggestions in the level help area if you stay stuck too long. Good luck!

  • DragonQueenFreyaDragonQueenFreya Posts: 43 Level 2

    Thank you I will try that out on level 597 & it's tricky

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