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10150 impossible!

StorditaStordita Posts: 155 Level 3
I am still at level 10150.
I have seen that on the video tutorials,
the wheels to be eliminated 
appear differently.Solve it!



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  • Germano_Germano_ Posts: 89 Level 3

    Level 10150 is not just hard: it is impossible on the phone, after the number of movements have been reduced and the layers of sugar increased.

    With the 2 cakes you can get rid of 2 layers, but for the third one you need a combination of 2 color bombs which is impossible to get with so few movements.

    Watching other videos on Youtube is useless since the level was easier a few weeks ago.

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Another abortion from the imbeciles. Moves reduced from 32 to 25 plus the cakes are locked and there is far too much frosting. This level CAN’T be done. CORRUPT GAME

    Why is EVERY level altered and made IMPOSSIBLE. Can you not test these levels before releasing them or is that too hard for you. You want feedback? FIX EVERY LEVEL and stop being so stupid with the garbage you’re releasing. Do you get a thrill doing this

    Complaints have went through the roof the last couple of weeks because of your incompetence

    No wonder players are sick of you


  • rlweinsteinrlweinstein Posts: 6 Level 2

    Totally agree with above. Candy Crush is supposed to swipe the stress away but instead it creates more stress. Please fix this level.

  • ashfordgoonerashfordgooner Posts: 104 Level 3

    This level is impossible. You can only get rid of 2 of the layers. how is one supposed to get rid of 5? or are candy just saying you need 3 lollypops to have a chance of clearing this level? i dont mind hard levels, or very hard levels, but impossible levels take the fun out of something that is supposed to fun/challenging.

  • KingSlayer23KingSlayer23 Posts: 77 Level 3

    Glad I somehow passed it last Wednesday... can't remember how difficult it was. since seeing this thread, I've tried several times, but never come close to winning. maybe just luck... I've found that eventually an easy layout will show up... it may be on your 100th attempt, or your first.

  • ashfordgoonerashfordgooner Posts: 104 Level 3

    When i look up the help videos for this level, there are 32 moves (since kindly reduced to 25!!), and the blooks on both sides start as white, which means when you clear the 2 boxes at the bottom the blocks will disappear. now the blocks are all red and white, making it impossible.

    why are candy crush folk making such idiotic and unfair decisions, that go to the detriment of loyal players?? if players have reached level 10150, they are loyal. and the loyal peoples patience is being severely tested.

    very very poor decision taken by someone.

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Its to make you spend money on boosters. I’ve said for months that this game is now PAY AS YOU PLAY

    KING don’t care if you’re a loyal player or not, they are only interested in MONEY

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    New levels released starting at 10161. 60 levels instead of 45. Trying to do 45 is hard enough nowadays never mind 60

    I thought last week’s levels were bad but they still aren’t listening to players complaints. The game has been destroyed because of KINGs greed. They’ve even taken away ways on which you get boosters.

    I would urge players to stop playing or quit until they start listening.

    I’ve played level 10161 15 times and still not passed. The reason for this is that they have cut the number of moves (AGAIN) from 23 (in all videos) to 20. I would probably have passed a couple of times with the extra 3 moves. They want you to buy gold bars and boosters to pass EVERY LEVEL. I’ve said for ages now that the game is corrupt for KINGs benefit. It doesn’t matter how many blockers, moves or locked candies are in the videos, you can guarantee you’ll have MORE blockers and locked candies plus LESS moves in your game. Most levels only give you 20 moves nowadays to start with and it doesn’t matter what the level looks like. They want feedback but never take it onboard.

    Also don’t listen if they say that they are trying to make levels more challenging. There is a big difference between challenging and impossible.

    Also don’t listen to other players that say they pass levels with moves to spare. These players get levels a few weeks before us and they get 10/15 more moves than us.

    No wonder players are sick of you and your game. It’s absolutely disgusting the way you’re treating your most loyal players. It shows what kind of people you really are..

  • Yorben_GoereeYorben_Goeree Posts: 3,595 Level 5

    It’s not only for the number of moves, but its about for Sour Skull. Sour Skull has been blocked by order lock with 5 “Sour Skull” and more ice blockers layers make this level impossible for without using boosters.

  • Yorben_GoereeYorben_Goeree Posts: 3,595 Level 5
    edited September 2021

    Now it’s fixed for the order lock with 1 and 2 “Cake bomb”. That feel better than previous version. The number of moves is 25 instead of 29! Good luck everyone! 🍀

    Many thanks for solving by @LindQ 👍🏻

  • manjula_trivedimanjula_trivedi Posts: 48 Level 2

    Level 10206 is also very tuff.I have lost my booster on it but waste. Previously here are hardly 3-4 level of such type in each episode. Chances of earning boosters has been reduced. Definately it's king's plan to forces players to purchase boosters.

    It is very hard to leave the game at this (10,000+) height as it took us too long to reach us here. King should increase chances to earn booster more if it wanted to maintain hardness of level. Sugar track , adventurous tour should re-start.

  • manjula_trivedimanjula_trivedi Posts: 48 Level 2

    I think king know it very well that players will not give up at this stage of game as we have spend too much time to reach at this height (10200+) and will pay for boosters as we want to move ahead in the game🙂🙂🙂

  • Gary_TurnerGary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    I’m on 10172 but that’s me done. I’m not wasting any more of my time and I’m definitely not paying for levels that are impossible to complete

    I’ve a few boosters left. Is there any way I can pass these on to friends that give me lives

  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 23,462 Candy Moderator

    Welcome back to the King Cmmunity.

    Unfortunately, you can't gift or send your stored boosters to any of your friends.😊


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