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All Star is Unfair

MirandaCMirandaC Posts: 18 Level 2

The "all stars" game is incredibly unfair. The higher the level the harder it is to not only win but to get large amounts of any 1 color. For example I played level 54 on repeat for the first qualifying round because I could easily get 2,000+ stars in one try. So, a new player on level 54 gets that but X10, which of course takes me 10 games to get the same amount since I am way past that level. My current level is 8,212. When I complete a level that high, I am averaging 200 starts, so X10, which sounds good until you think about how lower level players are getting way more return for their play. Meanwhile, I am back to same amount as if I had played lower levels which are decidedly easier. This all stars game is rigged for lower level players. I have spent an embarrassing amount of real money playing this game and am on a very high level so it seems very unfair that I am basically locked out of getting into the championship becauselower level players get more stars every round they play. I made it to 7th place in the first round and was excited since I was told the top 10 move on, but it turns out to only be the top 3.


  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 5,517 Level 5
    edited September 2021

    Hi @MirandaC I haven't got the All Stars, but what you say about the competition being skewed to players' on the lower levels is true of every single feature/event released by King. I don't know if this is intentional, or just a lack of creativity on behalf of King.

    You only have to read the comments of the people that are at the end of the map to realise how all the events tend to lock out those with very few new levels to play. Also the fact that any player over level 1500 (just best guess) is going to be stuck on at least one level per Episode means that all events will always favour those players below level 1000.

    I also gather though that some people play for hours (over three) a day and if you do that then you can still beat new players by farming previous levels.

    Do you really want to be in the televised final though? Based on what happened in the UK version of All Stars last year the final has nothing to do with Candy Crush. Would you really like to take part in a posing challenge?

    I made it to 7th place in the first round and was excited since I was told the top 10 move on, but it turns out to only be the top 3.

    As far as I am aware it has only ever been the top three that moved on to the quarter-finals.

    Also unless I have misunderstood you might still be able to get to the quarter-finals as the qualifying rounds run for 15 days and don't finish until the 7th October.

    Qualifier Round

    23 September - 7 October

    The Qualifier Round will be live for 15 days.

    Five 3-day long qualifier rounds will be available. So you have five chances to qualify for the Quarter Final. You will need to get to the top 3 in one of the five Qualifier Rounds to advance to the next round.

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  • edbiggs63edbiggs63 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Does everyone who makes it to the semifinals have to pay out to make it that far?

  • MirandaCMirandaC Posts: 18 Level 2

    @Alienscar no, I really don't care because if no other reason than the prize is not worth it. I don't know anything about the UK game. I am mostly venting, I guess. I did listen in to the live broadcast a few days ago and they "developers" presenting didn't know basic info on the game. I will just keep playing in my own world and forget about the outside stuff.

  • chlebochlebo Posts: 5 Level 2

    My question is what does Khloe Kardashian have to do with Candy Crush?

  • edbiggs63edbiggs63 Posts: 3 Newbie

    Nothing other than her "brand". I guess the developers think it's a draw for younger players.

  • AlienscarAlienscar Posts: 5,517 Level 5

    @MirandaC I did listen in to the live broadcast a few days ago and they "developers" presenting didn't know basic info on the game.

    I am kind of glad that you wrote that. The way in which moves are constantly removed regardless of how that impacts the level. Sweet Crew and Chocolate Box server issues along with Candy Connections has led me to think that the people in charge of changes do not know enough about the game.

  • chlebochlebo Posts: 5 Level 2

    I understand the brand thing, but I guess I still just do not get it!

  • edbiggs63edbiggs63 Posts: 3 Newbie

    I know, it makes no sense. The Kardashians are really only attractive to teen girls for the most part. Most people have gotten tired of them. Who can actually relate tp them? They're terrible role models for young girls, most of whom already struggle with self-image.

  • Foinah_JamesonFoinah_Jameson Posts: 2 Newbie

    I'm at the end of the levels. The semifinals are total (beeep). I even didn't play for two weeks to save up levels so I could compete.

    This contest isn't for the best of the best at all. It's for all of the lower level players.

    If King wanted us long time players to have a chance then they would let the star event orange candies count.


    I am finally done with this game.

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