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Impossible Level 4773

bipObipO Posts: 6 Level 2

It is impossible to complete Level 4773 with only 11 chances! Any suggestions???


  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 87,273 Candy Moderator

    Hi and Welcome to the King Community

    Level 4773 changed now with 11 moves. The first thing to do is take out the Coconut wheel, and get as many fish as possible to destroy the Jelly. need play several time until i get a lucky board

    and need a Lucky board

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  • bipObipO Posts: 6 Level 2

    And I just discovered that for $2.79, I get 35 moves! Which of course allowed me to complete the game...it just needed a reasonable number of moves to start with....$$$$$$$$ for KING

  • madhajannatmadhajannat Posts: 32 Level 2

    How can you get 35 moves with 2 taka? I don't have any credit card. How can i get 35 moves with 2 taka like u? Please help me

  • David_ShermanDavid_Sherman Posts: 27 Level 2

    This level is ridiculous. You shouldn't have to buy each time there is a hard level. Gonna stop playing if they make levels this imposssible.

  • David_ShermanDavid_Sherman Posts: 27 Level 2

    Agree this level is impossible.I

  • hechicerillahechicerilla Posts: 10,280 Legend

    Hello 👋

    Welcome to the sweet King Community.

    The only way to add movements is to buy them. But trust me, there is no impossible level.

    Good luck 🤞 and keep enjoying

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