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Tired of highway robbery

lorieb4lorieb4 Posts: 29 Level 2

King. I am really tired of paying for extra moves…the moves we should have had from the beginning. It really feels like highway robbery. Please stop it. You get enough money without holding almost every game as a hostage that we have to ransom by buying the extra moves that you are selfishly holding. When will this tactic come to an end? Who else is sick and tired of this?


  • doncoyotedoncoyote Posts: 87 Level 3

    I have to say, while I understand King is a business and thus interested in making money, and I’m the one who decided to use it, so don’t feel entitled to demand they make their game exactly to my liking, the whole 5 lives at a time thing irks me.

    I enjoy playing, and have decided the $ I spend is worth it to me. But having an app that limits how much one can play it is odd to me, feels a bit disdainful of its players (which this community is anything but - quite the contrary). A while back, once in a while if you nearly won, they’d actually give you the 5 moves for free. It was encouraging & even made one feel valued as a customer.

    And perhaps it’s just my bad playing, but when I don’t win levels, it seems like 85% of the time I was one or two more moves from success - thus tempts me to give the extra 10 gold (I am not accusing King of cheating, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they design levels to be just that much harder). And so many changes I’ve seen increase costs - remember when your piggy bank gave you 60 gold instead of 30?)

    On a positive note, besides the various ways to win free boosters each day, there is a feature that I only recently figured out. When someone in game asks for a life, giving it to them does not decrease your own. Players can gift lives to each other (still with wait time between), and request them.. Few players seem aware of this, it seems, but it is quite helpful and friendly. I usually have two or three strangers helping each other out among the folks Im grouped with.

    Still, Candy Crush is fun to play, I find it worth the elements I don’t like.

  • lorieb4lorieb4 Posts: 29 Level 2

    I’m not a bad player..I’m on level 10, 242. I have a right to be upset that King forces you to make a purchase to pass a level. I have boosters, but no amount of boosters can replace the minimum amount of moves needed to pass a level, so I find myself being forced to buy extra moves…every time. These highway robbery levels occur at almost every hard level. Why is it hard? Simply because they removed so many moves that the game can’t be won unless you purchase extra moves. I don’t find this fair play. I just have to stop paying for extra moves and after the disgrace of a tournament they did that did nothing to find the best player, I’m near to the point of ending this game. I’m going to stop playing for a while and come back to see if anything changed. If the piggy bank is still a low value, if the number of moves is still severely decreased, I’ll make the choice to leave for good.

  • ernstblnernstbln Posts: 297 Level 3

    have to agree ! too many games require extra moves at 10 gold bars just for 1 or 2 moves. at average worth a gold bar is 10 cents so that extra move is a buck. Too expensive !!


  • cwsherwoodcwsherwood Posts: 39 Pro Player 👑

    Gosh, I hate to say this, but I have to agree. Yes! I remember when the piggy bank held 60 bars. Another thing that bothers me is (and I have been paying close attention) after I have played over and over, being 1 move away, I break down and buy more bars and "suddenly" the games are easy to win! I too, keep saying I am just going in uninstall, I get mad at myself for the amount of money I waste! I can't help but think that as helpful as they are with any questions or problems, and as much as I LOVE to play, SADLY, I am the one being played. 😯😞 The game could be less of a money pit with all of the 1000s (? maybe more) of people around the world who enjoy the game. DISCLAIMER: Having said all this, I still feel guilty, that is the hold this game and tech support have on me! 🤔🤗🤨

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