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Level 10,000 avatar banner

RpM63RpM63 Posts: 43 Level 2

Hey crushers...I'm re-posting this question because last post ended up in wrong forum....I play CCS on Facebook and also the Win10 version both on the same laptop...both versions are the same game account. When I completed level 9,000 and it's mini game on Win10 the 9,000 banner appeared on both my Win10 and Facebook avatars. I recently completed level 10,000 and it's mini game on Win10 but the 10,000 banner showed up only on Win10 this time...the 9,000 banner still shows on Facebook. I'm talking about the 10,000 banner that appears over my avatar in the game...not the badges that show on my profile page here in the forum. I tried playing level 10,000 again in Facebook this time but that did nothing. How do you update game in Facebook...doesn't just logging in update it? I'm currently on level 10,116.

Thanks again...🙂


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