How can i suddenly have some money in my account?

RR Posts: 3

hi, i recently played Candy Crush saga linked with my FB account, l ran out of gold bars and suddenly there's notification told me that l have some  money in my account so l Can buy some more gold bars with that money. How can that happen? To know that I never do  any purchase. all I know and do just playing the game


  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,079 Community Manager


    Please check the notification further and kindly get in contact with Facebook support as this relates to your specific account details.

    King does not offer any money through notifications in Facebook.

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  • RR Posts: 3

    It's not Facebook notification, the notification just popup from the game

  • RR Posts: 3

    K, my mistake, I checked all my account linked to Facebook and found that money is in my Facebook account which l don't know from where it came from :D 

    Thanks for the answer

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