Why does my game keep going back to level 1 after each play on Android?

Penny_LimPenny_Lim Posts: 3

Hi King Care Team, hope you can help to resolve this problem.. my candy crush game keeps going back to level 1 after every play.. I didn't have this problem before on my Android device and I'm not the only 1 facing this problem.. other android users have this problem too and its a little annoying to keep scrolling back towards my level which is already 900+.. Please help to solve this issue soon.. thank you in advance.


  • Jackie-5Jackie-5 Posts: 1

    Hopefully they fix the issue soon bc it's doing it on my iPad and iPhone, as of yesterday, and like you mentioned, scrolling up to 900 isn't fun! :-)

  • SabrinaZSabrinaZ Posts: 2

    Really annoying, it can easily come back to 900+ without rolling up, just exit to previous page, then "play" again, but still annoying.

  • kwagner_51kwagner_51 Posts: 6

    If you click on Dreamworld Owl and then click back to regular game it puts you where you ended. I HATE it but at least I don't have to scroll for 3 minutes to get me up to the 900 level. 

  • It happens on my android and my kindle fire.  My finger is getting tired scrolling up to level 939!  It's only ok on my laptop. Hope King fixes it soon. This has been going on for a week now!

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