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Feedback on levels 11 376 - 11 420!



  • ellectra
    ellectra Posts: 283 Level 3

    My comments are not showing up for some reason... anyway best i have managed so far on 11380 was collecting the keys with 2 moves left to clear all blockers and jelly. Needs at least 30 moves.

  • GordyF
    GordyF Posts: 190 Level 2

    Eventually got it.

    Accumulated the moves as normal and got lucky and did a switch with a colour bomb to pair it up with another... That combo took out the remaining 3 keys I had left.

    That was my last move in normal playtime .... Can't recall how many more moves it took but I had 35 extra and it was still a bit nervy.

  • GordyF
    GordyF Posts: 190 Level 2

    11383 is just as bad .......

  • ellectra
    ellectra Posts: 283 Level 3

    I also used a free switch for the 2 color bombs and then needed 2 hammers to pass, but that was after the moves were increased to 27.

    11383...yeah. used up a ufo with 9 moves left thinking it would be enough but it wasn't. I had 30 mins of unlimited lives + color bomb and stripe/wrap booster and got nowhere. So now i am out of ufos and out of fish and still stuck. Think i'll need to use gold on this one- really wanted to avoid that. Original video has 30 moves and a few layers of blockers less, and people were still starting with all pregame boosters.

  • John_P
    John_P Posts: 36 Level 2

    Level 11389 is impossible with only 27 moves. By the time the liquorice and toffee are knocked out there are only a few moves left to get 75 yellow candies. Please increase the number of moves to 40. Thank you.

  • MrT2
    MrT2 Posts: 61 Level 2


    1. the level is impossible ... again. Starting boosters are of limited help. Even if you blow the whole thing up and get the fish to drop, you only get 1 pink fish every 3 or more moves. And you need 10. Even a starting fish is a waste of boosters. Wrong color or you get only one or two.
    2. the level is boring ... no strategy, just moving what you can move. In the beginning often one move possible. Just playing until you reach 35 moves for 10 bars ... and even then hope that the pink fish will fall.
    3. the level is unfair. Early windows 10 players get more moves/easier board so they can post their useless youtube videos. Then after a day the level is set to impossible. You could spend a load of boosters and bars to get through, but then you get it and the next day the level is nerfed and you feel like you wasted all your boosters. Plus it ruins all your other goals: F5, chocolate box, ... Why even try?

    Not sure what King’s goal is. I see that they try to find a balance between too easy and too hard, but levels like these are ridiculous. Impossible, boring, unfair ... why? I don’t think it is just to get more money ... they usually nerf it after a week or two. So, why upset longtime loyal players?

  • GordyF
    GordyF Posts: 190 Level 2

    Totally agree.

    Even when the board opens up moves and combos are severely limited.

    I only took the chance of extra moves after getting a double colour bomb and a striped and wrapped combo.

    Even then at the end of normal time I had only 1 fish showing.

    My board differed from yours as the fish fell at every opportunity and " Only " a further 15 moves were required.

    Then onto 11384 .... A pretty straightforward level where you need the 6 yellows to get the fruit down.I had a free 15min colour bomb from the chocolate box and 3 times in a row the game put it in place of a yellow ....... What chance have you got ????

  • ckongsak
    ckongsak Posts: 7 Level 2

    Who can pass level 11383 with 25 moves?

    I think it's more difficult to pass with only 25 moves!!!

  • ellectra
    ellectra Posts: 283 Level 3

    Anyone else struggling with 11386? Decent nr of moves but the board configuration makes it very difficult to a) get the blue and green candies to drop and b) match them when they do.

    I had quite a few tries on this one and closest i got was 11 of each left to collect. Seems the only way to do it is to have several color bomb+wrap combos when the board is open, and so far i haven't managed that. Finding it depressing that it's friday and i am still on episode 1.

    Also, anyone else lose their power pops? Had quite a few saved up and thought purple surprise could help on this level and then realized it was gone.

  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 10,076 Legend

    Hello @ellectra I am not at your level in the game, but I have lost my Power Pops. It was removed two weeks ago after the Wednesday app update. If you check other discussions and Support you will see that the Power Pop removal has affected a lot of players.

    The official response is that the Power Pop was only released to a limited number of people for testing. The removal is supposedly getting ready to deliver the finished Power Pop feature to more players.

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