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Feedback on levels 11 736 - 11 780!



  • MercedesCCMercedesCC Posts: 44 Level 2

    Please need help with 11770! XOXOXO

  • leejays1leejays1 Posts: 111 Level 2

    11755 is absolutely ridiculous. I have used my gold bars and boosters on previous hard levels. This episode has 6 nightmarishly hard levels with out enough moves to pass. It really is getting ridiculous.

  • mbluecpambluecpa Posts: 2 Newbie

    More and more levels with 20 moves, seems like lazy design to me. Monitor the progress of players who get the levels early, reduce those levels that are won too quickly to 20 moves. At least it’s a “tell” - a lot of those boards with 20 moves are impossible without extra moves so I’ll just wait around until they increase the starting moves. 🤷‍♂️

  • leejays1leejays1 Posts: 111 Level 2

    It’s certainly becoming a money maker game. You either pay for gold bars and use for extra moves or boosters.

    check out the last time I played level 11755 you can’t even get close to completing with 24 moves. I haven’t even gotten close finishing. This level needs to be fixed!!

  • Nisi1984Nisi1984 Posts: 40 Level 2

    11770 is impossible to pass after the changes... I Fell asleep yesterday to a Level which was hard but seems to be manageable.

    But now I don't even bother to watch any adds to get those 5 extra moves because even 35 extra wouldn't get me through this Level😡

  • MrT2MrT2 Posts: 38 Level 2

    Sad, but seems like it is all planned. Reduce the levels until the levels are impossible and then slowly relax them over the first week of mobile release until King feels they have the right difficulty. Seems it takes them about 2 days to address one episode. They might feel if they reduce the moves gradually most top players will race through the new levels the first day preventing them from getting more data. So their most loyal players are used/abused as debug volunteers. Maybe they should put up a disclaimer “This level has not been debugged. Statements on our splash page to the contrary: do not play this level to relax.” Or King should give everyone who plays the first week of mobile release extra gold bars or a badge for mental suffering 😉

    The best strategy if you get stuck is to pause a week or two and then start again. Before you know it, you will hit the 20 move nightmares again.😀

    BTW, what happened to debugging during the 2 weeks on Windows. I used to play on Windows, but the moves get already reduced very early on, and without videos (at least when I played on Windows) it was much more difficult to get boosters and, in the end, play became completely impossible. I guess they don’t get too much feedback anymore from the 2 weeks Windows period. ...... Wait .... aren’t they owned by Microsoft now? 🤣

  • CatW24CatW24 Posts: 15 Level 2


    Looks like I'll be stuck here for a while. Utterly impossible with 24 moves when there are so many blockers - liquorice curls, toffee and more. I doubt even 35 extra moves would help to complete it – but I'm not wasting any more money to buy the gold bars to do that.

  • ellectraellectra Posts: 273 Level 3

    Same old song and dance... agreed the best thing to do is just take a break now and then. Also hit a wall at 11 770, 24 moves barely makes a dent in the right side of the board. And the 2 color bombs in the blocker replaced with 2 striped candies. Needs to be revised.

  • KessyHKessyH Posts: 47 Level 2

    11751 is far away from easy and impossible!

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