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We want your feedback on the levels 11 781 - 11 825!



  • OCDCandyCrusherOCDCandyCrusher Posts: 3 Newbie

    Level 11809 is impossible with 18 moves. I am very frustrated with the new levels and lack of moves. I am not enjoying the game at all. Why make it impossible? I have wasted all my boosters and still can't win.

    Very unsatisfied with Candy Crush, not even enjoyable anymore.

  • Jeannette6713Jeannette6713 Posts: 136 Level 2


    It can not be done with 24 moves. The last days I asked it a several times.

  • vancouvervancouver Posts: 5 Level 2

    I feel King is trying to stuck us at 11800 because they haven’t developed enough new levels. It’ll look bad on them to keep us waiting.

    The difficult level of 11800 with only 20 moves? That’s ridiculously impossible! They don’t want us to pass until they get new levels ready. Guess I’ll just wait and not waste any more time on it.

  • SandraCawthornSandraCawthorn Posts: 4 Newbie
    edited May 30

    Level 11809 along with many other levels have a lack of moves. It is very frustrating to use up all my boosters, gold bars, and extra moves and still not be able to win the level. I understand it being challenging, but impossible? This game is no longer enjoyable.

  • glenn_augustineglenn_augustine Posts: 111 Level 2

    11794 with 20moves not possible to clear.not enoymugh money and blockers around.

  • leejays1leejays1 Posts: 111 Level 2

    11789 how do you pass this level! I have been stuck for about two days. It seems impossible I haven’t even come close to clearing the level. I have used all my boosters no gold bars so don’t know how I am going to pass this dreadful level.

  • smitherskathy1smitherskathy1 Posts: 47 Level 2

    level 11796 has been ridiculously hard, especially cause it's not even indicated as being hard. Well, I won't use gold bars on a level that's not even considered hard. I got 24 moves but the videos show at least 27 and starting with boosters. I think the game designers just like to hear people complain.

  • leejays1leejays1 Posts: 111 Level 2

    One move left and nearly the whole board to clear still. The levels are getting ridiculously hard to pass.

  • CandyLVCandyLV Posts: 123 Level 2

    After seeing so many complaints about levels being too hard, honestly, my advice is as follows:

    If you have enough gold bars/boosters, spent it all and try to get to the front of the episodes (windows version), so that you get about 2-day window to play the easy versions, you get to enjoy the game like it used to be.

    If you don't have enough gold bars/boosters, and are willing to spend a little bit, purchase enough to get pass these levels. This is worthwhile especially they have the 40-gold bar episode race going on right now.

    If you don't have enough gold bars/boosters, and are NOT willing to spend money (like me), I would say, give the game a break, no need to play, especially DO NOT BUY MORE BOOSTERS. The games are tuned in such a way that you can't have enough boosters in order to pass them. Just wait a couple more weeks, maybe even a month, stay behind, eventually the King engineers will ease up the game a little bit (I hope). Did you notice that there are not so much complaints about the games behind these episodes? It's not healthy and not enjoyable to play a game like this.

    If you don't have windows version, go look for an app that can do windows simulation, so that you can play the windows version on your cell phone.

    Good luck everyone.

  • MrT2MrT2 Posts: 38 Level 2

    I used to play the Windows version, but if you didnt finish all the levels the first day (I seem to remember they often already go more difficult after one day), you were out of luck. The difficulty levels seldom got revised after that (until the mobile versions were released ... a 2 week wait), and without access to video boosters/extra moves (at least when I played Windows), it became impossible to keep pace. So, I switched to mobile.

    I agree to give the game a break for a few weeks, and then start playing again. You’ll have a more fun experience for a while, and, actually, will catch up quite fast with the new impossible levels, at which time, it is time to take another brake and play something else ... or read a book 😉

    Having said it is beyond me why King has found a better way to find the ‘right’ difficulty for each level.

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