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What Is The Point Of Feedback

Alienscar Posts: 10,676 Legend

@Crazy Cat Lad @Pounawea

How many times does this community have to tell you that no one can complete anywhere near one hundred levels in a week.

The level feedback threads are full of feedback explaining to you how difficult the game has become. Also the Support area and Discussion area full of posts from people saying how they have been stuck on a level for days.

The ridiculousness of an event that requires you to complete over one hundred levels was explained to you during the Firework Festival. At the time you said you had listened and would take our feedback to the Game Team.

Since then we have had events that require us to complete 110 and 120 levels.

Now Mindful Collections requires that we complete 130 levels or more.

Unless you are below level 600, or you are prepared to buy items for your game 130 levels is far too many for the average player. Maybe that is the whole point of these ridiculous targets.

Are you listening?


  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,624 Level 5

    Well said @Alienscar I got the 'Mindful Collection 3' this morning and hoped I'd be able to play old levels to complete it. But no that isn't happening, struggled to pass 2 levels and got 6 points. So like the 'Gold Chocolate Box' no good for me at all, just upsetting and annoying.

    And @Crazy Cat Lad @Pounawea I'm now on level 10965 not even classed as hard but an absolute nightmare. Watched a YouTube video where the player used booster after booster and like I said not even classed as hard. So it would be nice to have a Chocolate Box and Mindful Collection that can be completed.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Michael-6
    Michael-6 Posts: 987 Level 3

    The purpose of the feedback is to give the King staff something entertaining to laugh at, as they churn out another load of impossible to complete dross. It certainly isn't for the benefit of the players, or to improve the game.

  • Deryck
    Deryck Posts: 1,055 Level 5

    Not only that @Alienscar, but if the Mindful Collection challenges get incrementally harder, then the rewards should proportionally increase rather than stay exactly the same as last time. 🙄 Hammers and hand switches are great but certainly not worth those tasks.

    BTW I have a bone to pick with the Booster Wheel @Crazy Cat Lad Don't think I haven't noticed it's been rigged recently so that now the Color Bomb lands pretty much all the time. Who tf asked for that!? If King removes the element of chance from the Booster Wheel, then there's no fun in it at all.

    Not to mention the Season Pass now has three 🤬🤬🤬🤬ing Color Bombs. Gawd, this is as bad as the stupid fish booster situation of the past. The irony is now I would rather get MOAR fish!!

  • Ah_Kwang
    Ah_Kwang Posts: 230 Level 3


    King also reduced the number of lives you can have and receive.. Mine was reduced from 100 max to 50max and the number of lives I can receive per day was 10 and now reduce to 5.

    How to complete 45 levels on 50 lives max. Madness..

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