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  • May_Edwards
    May_Edwards Posts: 133 Pro Player 👑

    You all need to rethink this change! If I have 40 lives to use why am I limited to only use 15 per day?

  • ann1e
    ann1e Posts: 58 Level 2

    This lives limit is really ridiculous, I have two gold bars and no bonuses to help me finish game 12217 which I have been stuck on for three days now. I would like to win a fast race but can’t, I would like to complete the chocolate box but that is timing out this evening, please return our fun game King, this is torture, to reach the level I am on must show you how much I have loved the game for many years.

  • spottedhorse
    spottedhorse Posts: 273 Level 3

    I much has been changed. Cinema maybe a spin every now and then.

    Challenges set so high, unattainable. Due to no lives.

    The vine thing very seldom it has duplicates of some boosters and very little of needed items.

    Maybe 1 spin a day.

    Has anyone won the blue banner lately?

    Etc etc and etc.

  • Tawna_Blodgett
    Tawna_Blodgett Posts: 50 Level 2

    I am so sick of the changes to how many lives I can get!! I have had problems for a long time with this issue!!! King is ruining the game, and from all of the comments I have read, I am not the only one, far from it, that has complained about this issue!!! I am seriously thinking about the removal of the game!!! I have spent a lot of money, but I can't afford all of the changes that are making the game not fun anymore!! I want the game to go back, and stop making things worse!! I will not buy anything anymore, but I will play the game until I run out of time!!! King games need to quit making changes that take a lot of my time and frustration!! I hope everyone who hates this, will leave a complaint and it also says that some of them are feeling the same way that I do!!!

  • dbradin
    dbradin Posts: 10 Level 2

    I HATE the changes...Most everyone HATES the changes...WHY in the world would King games not listen to their players and put the freaking game back like it wad! It is the wors management I have seen in a long while

  • beckie1s
    beckie1s Posts: 3 Newbie

    I agree with you all. Cannot win a level any more. Cannot get any lives. This game is no longer fun. Click and watch the video if you want more lives. Click and watch the video for extra moves. I quit clicking and watching the videos. I know that’s how they make their money but………

  • foxy
    foxy Posts: 80 Pro Player 👑

    limited lives is for the health of the players BS when did King ever care about our health they only care about our MONEY!!!! If they really cared about our health they would not be frustrating and stressing us out with all the DUMB changes

  • JHFreshwater
    JHFreshwater Posts: 6 Level 2

    THis is really getting to be a bunch of "BS". 15 Lives for the day. Then you get to your game and finish your goals to obtain boosters, then you can't use the boost because, pardon me, your at you daily quota. Then these so called folks running this here show wants you to spend money on the same things that were won along with more lives so you can continue playing. What a crock of POOP! Do they not realize that when folks get pissed off and leave a game they loved to play at another sight they have no say in, they lose that patrons support and money. Oh yeah the money is the bottom line although they had a whooping net income last year and so far this year, they are on track to set new records. Not from my bank accounts. As of today, they are on there own to find some other person to get income from.

  • antoniociccia401
    antoniociccia401 Posts: 3 Newbie

    This is absolutely ridiculous!!! For a couple of months now they have been trying to keep us from receiving lives from friends, I have complained at least five times. Honestly there are too many good games out there that what these guys are doing is just making it easier for all of us to stop playing completely. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of new game developers just waiting for new players to try out their games.

  • TinaBrown57
    TinaBrown57 Posts: 99 Level 2

    Haha its hilarious they say they are protecting our health but as soon as you open your game they are after you spending money even before you start playing with your 20 measly lives 😆 🤣 😂 😹 they are absolutely on another planet.

    No lives, No players, No income as people have stopped spending due to there stupid rules of lives. They've not had a penny from me since this lives thing started and I've started new games now as interest in this one has been lost due to only 20 lives a day. I use to play in a morning before work and an evening as I found the game therapeutic but King obviously are that concerned about our health that everyone is leaving the game or not spending due to ridiculous rule. Good one King.

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