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How are do you currently feel about Candy Crush? Let's share our thoughts and get our voices heard!

itsyoonseul10 Posts: 116 Level 2
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Hello fellow candy crushers,

I am tired of seeing the "counting up" threads that keep pushing real concerns and complaints into the abyss. I know this may be a long shot but I read this proverb, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". I wanted to start this thread so that we can all actively express how we feel with all the changes and new episodes, and keep this discussion on the first page.

I have been playing the games for years (current level 12406), i've noticed the last few months the game has been frustrating! It's obvious that CC wants to increase their P2P users. From episodes that are too difficult to complete without using all your boosters and gold bars, to now the limitation of daily lives. Don't get me started on that joke of a "Stars Tournament". I was inspired to make this post because of @messenabout discussion and how King responded on the new daily lives limit. Here is the original thread, to read how King responded to it

This new limitation is an obvious money grab. It's interesting that in their response they wrote "Please bear in mind changes are made constantly to the game itself and its rewards to help keep our players engaged and enjoying sweet new adventures." But isn't that statement contradicting??Let's call a spade a spade. They are limiting our lives so that we can pay money (or in gold bars) to get more lives once we pass out daily limit.

1 heart = 4 gold bars

5 hearts = 12 gold bars

6hrs unlimited = 69 gold bars

To buy gold bars it starts from $3.99 CAD which is 10 bars, and can go upwards to $139.99 CAD which will include 650 gold bars, 18hrs of unlimited lives, 13x of each regular boosters, 4 days and 4hrs of lucky candy, chocolate bomb, swedish fish, candy wrapper and coconut wheel.

What are your thoughts of the game as of late? Please comment below and share this discussion board. I promise I will respond to each post once I see that this discussion gets bumped off the first page.




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