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Pretty much done with Candy Crush. I don't really care and neither do they

barelyberlee Posts: 42 Level 2

Just giving my 2 cents. I go in everyday get my boosters, play a few games till I'm out of being able to use the lives that I've been given and that's it. I don't really care if I'm able to complete the last chocolate box where you have to pass so many levels, when those levels are so difficult you have to pay to get past them. Been playing for years, spent a bunch of money. They don't care about me/us players, I don't care about them. Hope it was worth it to you CC, I know I'm not the only player that feels this way. We've complained for over a week and you've dug in your heels, well so am I. Keep it up and I'll leave/delete it completely. You need us more than we need you!!!


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