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Which of these discontinued features/elements do you miss the most?



  • livetired
    livetired Posts: 4 Newbie

    My team and unlimited use of lives

  • PM_1978
    PM_1978 Posts: 56 Level 2

    What is the use of voting here? King is not at all bothered about players and their opinions.

  • CrystalKing
    CrystalKing Posts: 379 Level 3

    Definitely unlimited lives!!

  • Nazzi
    Nazzi Posts: 72 Level 2
    Fantastic 5
    extra lives and team play

  • BuffaloGal57
    BuffaloGal57 Posts: 1,372 Level 3

    My CCS game. It was lost when I got a new phone and with the help of the team we still have not recovered it yet. I had to start all over. Yesterday my CCF frozen and when it came back that progress was lost.

  • Appsv
    Appsv Posts: 78 Level 2
    Sugar Drops

    I have hardly seen anyone appreciating or recognising the things king developers are doing . Please check you raise one issue , and it will takes months to resolve them example the chocolate box issue which get resolved only after I guess 3 months ,, now they removed everything which probably help increasing your booster count and it majorly affects the player who are at higher levels .

    See I am playing this for 10 years now . They are now in process to celebrating this and how did they do this? By irritating players .. by changing the music , graphics and shape of the candy are called as making game joyful and vibrant .. are you kidding me ?

    They started from removing the winning of boosters by only timed boosters , okay everyone crib and after some time they adjusted to it . They removed beautiful things like sugar drop challenge ,, then they come up with an streak where you keep winning you will get level started with color bomb + wrapped candy etc and if you can’t win that level in first chance you can go back to old levels easy one and get that streak again ,, now intelligent money hungry developing team removed that and worst part is you are at winning streak top level , you lost one level and you will be pulled down to level 0 :. And again you need to start ( unjustifiable and horrible ) ..

    Then another good thing I liked always was Fantastic five and also episode race , removed . Even there was a contest where each winning level you got to win useful things like hammer , UFOs etc ( I forget the name of that ) - removed 2 months back .

    Today as a player I feel frustrated how players are looted in name of buying boosters as all free means are cut down . The timed boosters are awful . Really ! Also regular events they launch are beyond ridiculous , you are competing with someone who is at 20,000+ score coz they are at lower levels so they keep playing same of weekly contest etc . So over all experience is getting horrible by every passing day . I mean I can go on and on but no one actually cares . Customer care ppl are clueless about the defective levels . Everytime you will raise a problem , they will be like sorry we can’t help with this at the moment but as courtesy we are giving you 5 hammers / 10 Gold bars / 1 hour color bomb etc ( like are we F beggars ) .. we are raising a concern and this is getting solved by giving some alms as doing some favour . And 99% out of 100 they ask you for screenshots , if you forget to take one then they won’t help you also . And will act rude. So overall I am disappointed. This is never ending agony of candy crush people . I want to stop playing this game and delete it now for good . Will be Good riddance !

  • SusanGaGu
    SusanGaGu Posts: 46 Level 2

    Fab 5. Episode race. (Gone for me now) collecting special candies to get boosters. I forgot what it was called. Always changes and never for the better.

  • M19
    M19 Posts: 58 Level 2

    Extraño a mi equipo F5

  • mono1020
    mono1020 Posts: 23 Level 2
    Fantastic 5

    I forgot about Sugar Drops. That was awesome.

    Because of all the changes I am just not playing as much as I used to. I started playing CC Soda. It's good but not as good.

    Has King posted a reason for limiting lives other than forcing us to buy more? I understand needing room for new stuff, but limiting lives is just ridiculous.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Newbie

    EVERYTHING! ironically King tag me on a post that will help my exit out of the king community feel good. Bye everyone who were on my friend list. You all helped the game became very interesting and competitive at a point. I will miss my time playing with you guys! Good luck and be safe!

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