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King removes elements and created impossible levels

Gamer5687 Posts: 250 Level 3
edited September 2022 in Discussions

Recently it was discovered that an element in the code (sachets, works the same as 1 layered frosting) had been removed, and levels with the apk have been replaced with empty spaces, which had created problems like this

Example 1: Level 1884

There is an empty space, ingredient will be permanently stuck

Example 2: Level 2531

Same issue

Example 3: Level 1528 (basically impossible since candies only spawn in row 1, considering magic mixers will continue spawn more blockers)

Sachets use the tilemap code of 007, since they are now removed they now function as the tilemap code of 000 (empty space)

There are likely still a lot of levels out there that have experienced the same issue (Not going to talk about the level 1000 and 1476 atrocity here) but please fix it asap. Thanks.

Nearly impossible/impossible levels will just make players quit and leave a 1-star comment on your game, king.



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