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Treasi Posts: 5 Level 2


Postings I've seen start with 30-40 moves

I have 20.....🤔😮😩😡😡😡😠😠


  • Fran334
    Fran334 Posts: 338 Level 3

    If I have the right level he had 4 extra moves

  • tanka
    tanka Posts: 121 Level 2

    Level 12574 is impossible to do with only 20 moves!!!!!!!


  • myalsaca3
    myalsaca3 Posts: 14 Level 2

    why so many different user experiences. This level is not achievable with only 20 moves. All keys come down the left of the screen and you have to break through 5 levels of meringues requiring 3 hits a piece. Watch YOUTUBE videos and users have 35 moves to achieve the level. I play on 4 mobile devices, 20 lives gifted, all boosters used up -can't pass. Have been stuck for 5 days (80 gifted lives per 24 hrs across 4 mobile devices-pretty extreme). Algorithms being trained to force purchases. Can't even fairly compete in the 10 YR ANNIVERSARY CONTEST.. C'mon Candy Crush-this game is supposed to be fun and challenging, but levels like this make it impossible for those unwilling to throw hard earned cash at the game-ESPECIALLY WITH THE INFLATION/RECESSION being experienced across USA. BE BETTER!!!!

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