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Level 2646

My game us not the same as any of the videos i have watched, my 3rd block is staying white, and there is no way i can pass this level with the amount of moves i have, any ideas please


  • gailyogailyo Posts: 7

    I have the same question. You took away 11 moves AND added a bunch of blocks. It's not labeled as a "difficult" level but honestly, this is crappy change. 

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  • tjgrittstjgritts Posts: 13

    I asked a similar question.. where did it go..

  • Amy_DonahueAmy_Donahue Posts: 2 Newbie

    The three middle blocks do not clear out like they do in all the video's I have watched.  This level is impossible to beat with the amount of moves provided and what makes it even more frustrating is the candies changing color just when you think you can match 4 candies to get a striped candy.   Why is this not the same game shown in the videos even on the candy crush page?  

  • tjgrittstjgritts Posts: 13

    Amy Donahue I have asked the same question..not sure where it went but no answers yet.. I hate when the level is impossible .. I am not playing anymore .. when you know you cant do it why bother .. 

  • Ira-4Ira-4 Posts: 2

    Agree. Version on iPad released on Wednesday has fewer moves and different board from version on YouTube. Will not waste any more time on this level. Might be good time break the habit/addiction.

  • 0919mjl0919mjl Posts: 3

    I am having the same issue. I have been in this spot for over four days already. When I checked out the videos, they are definitely not like what we are playing on.  I have no problem buying a help here and there. But this level forces my hand and that is when I refuse.   The only way to complete this level based on how you have it right now is to buy three of the lollipop hammers.  Fix this level. 

  • BvrBvr Posts: 2

    would be great to get some feedback !

  • I am in the same boat. I don't know if King ever reads these, so if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on contact us, you can send a direct message to the developers. I did and if more people do it, they may be quicker to change it. I too see the videos with the easier solve on them, frustrating!

  • Johnny_CrushJohnny_Crush Posts: 224 Level 3

    The level has been changed again:

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