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We want your feedback on the levels 12 635 - 12 680!



  • lee_ann_b1105
    lee_ann_b1105 Posts: 37 Level 2

    Level 12664... once again a ridiculous level. I just play and play, using addl lives and watching ad after ad, and just waiting for the time when King will let me win and move on. This game has very few fun levels any more. What has happened to the programmimg?

  • lee_ann_b1105
    lee_ann_b1105 Posts: 37 Level 2

    Level 12667... ditto above. Sad

  • MrT2
    MrT2 Posts: 68 Level 2
    edited October 2022

    My starting color bomb booster in 12665 replaced one of the top level green candies. To be able to hit the skull, you first need to use a hammer to destroy your color bomb. Luckily i had one, otherwise it would have been game over. (Otherwise it is one if the more interesting levels.)

    A few episodes ago my starting color bomb prevented any moves causing the level to end before I could make any move. That irked me as it also broke my 5-in-a-row booster string.

    Seems reasonable that starting boosters should never be added to make the game impossible (or to make it impossible without using a hammer/hand). This shouldn’t be such a difficult software fix. But this has been happening for a long time, and it has been reported multiple times, so I am afraid this is not gonna change ….

  • Iceprincess9
    Iceprincess9 Posts: 55 Level 3

    Level 12667 is ridiculous. You reduced the moves from 30 to 20 Why? I have used all my boosters and gold bars and played for many days. If this is an attempt to get some money from me you can forget it. I play for fun and this is not fun anymore!!!

  • John_Sanders
    John_Sanders Posts: 147 Level 3

    This level is impossible and the fact it offers almost double the original moves at the end of the level for your gold just proves this game is all about trying to get you to spend money. What a waste of time even bothering with this game as there is absolutely no enjoyment now.

  • myalsaca3
    myalsaca3 Posts: 14 Level 2

    I am on level 12670 and you have made this a more than impossible level with only 20 moves. I have exhausted well over 800 lives to try to pass this. Clear 35 reds and blues, bash through the meringues-some need 3 hits to unwrap and drop 3 cherries. The closest I have gotten is the center cherry. Those side 2 - nope. This.level isnt a challenge, it can't be passed with 20 moves.

    I haven't been able to fully participate in any challenges as I can't advance forward. I have played this game for over 10 years and referred many friends and you are squeezing me out of the game. This should be relaxing and fun. You need to do better. Is it your goal for people to be just so frustrated that they leave the KING platform???

  • Lmpy
    Lmpy Posts: 56 Level 2

    Previous posters have pointed out the impossibility of levels 12667 and 12670 with 20 moves only. On Friday the start number got put up for both of those levels, so I managed to pass them with multiple tries and some end of game Ad boosters. But now here I am at 12673 which still has a start number of 20, so I'm stuck again. Why not increase the number of moves available for this level too? And please try not dropping them in the first place, problem solved!

  • GSH10
    GSH10 Posts: 53 Level 2

    The candy crush slogan should be changed to 'LET THE STRESS BEGIN'!! 'Swipe the stress away' just doesn't match with your new levels and episodes! Nobody enjoys this game any more, we mostly play out of habit.

  • Pattyt67
    Pattyt67 Posts: 242 Level 3

    Level 12640 is quite ridiculous.

  • Gangbaby
    Gangbaby Posts: 3 Newbie

    Every level is mediocre.

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